Sep 1, 2008

Fracture: Simple Past

This is a great movie, but a bit farfetched. If you like police stories, you will love it. I used the crime scene to practice the simple past tense.

Witness – Imagine you are the witness to a crime. Fill in the
blanks of the following exercise with past tense of the verbs in
parentheses. Use affirmative or negative sentences, depending
on the information presented in the movie segment.

1) Ted’s wife, Sally, _______________ home (drive).

2) She _________________ the front door (unlock).

3) She ________________ her jacket (take off).

4) She _______________ her husband was in the house (notice).

5) They _______________ each other (hug).

6) They _______________ each other (kiss).

7) Ted _______________ his wife in the head (shoot).

8) Gardeners _______________ a gunshot (hear).

9) Ted__________________ the bullet cases on the floor. (pick up).

10) One of the gardeners _______________ on the door (knock).

11) Ted _________________ the door for the gardener (open).

12) Ted ________________ the windows a few times (shoot).

13) Ted _______________ his wife (drag).

14) He _________________ his shirt (take off).

15) He ___________________ his shirt (burn).

16) He __________________ his face (wash).

17) He _________________ the police (call).

18) The gardener _________________ Ted clean the house (help).

Now pretend you are a witness. Report all the steps you have seen to an officer, your partner.
Make sure you use the following expressions:

First / Second / Then / After that / Later /Next



How to prepare your own video activity:

Grammar Goal: Simple Past

• Choose a segment in which a crime takes place.
• Prepare an exercise sheet with the steps the outlaw took to commit the crime.
• Leave blanks for students to complete with the simple past of the verbs in parentheses
• Ask students to report the crime they saw to a police officer.
• You may show the scene twice, if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Excelent activity!!
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Just what I was looking for!

Ceridwenn said...

Really enjoyed doing ths activity with my classes. Really useful: an introduction to lessons about "crimes in fiction" and a good way for the pupils to use their irregular verbs.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Tyanks, Yes, my students enjoyed it a lot. I hope yours do too.

Vera said...

love this activity... however, the link of the clip is broken. Could you please upload it again?