Nov 30, 2015

Moonrise Kingdom: Present Continuous

I. Watch the movie segment. Pay attention to what the characters are doing.

II. Ask and answer the questions:

What are the children (they) doing?
They are playing.

1. What ___________________ ?
     She ____________________.

2. What ___________________?
They ______________________

3. ____________________________?

4. ______________________________?

5. ____________________________?

7. ____________________________?
The  boy _______________________.

Talk to a friend:

1. What are you doing now?
2. What is the teacher doing now?
3. What is your family doing now?
4. Why is the girls always using binoculars?
5. Is this a happy family? Why (not)?



Nov 15, 2015

Despicable Me 2: Simple Past - Was / Were

Here is another great activity provided by Pedro Urbano, one of this blog's readers. His activities are wonderful and this one is no exception. Thanks, Pedro, once again.

I've been teaching English for nine years working with teens, adults, and seniors. Creating songs activities and especially movie worksheets are my features. Today, I'm part of ICBEU teacher team - Manaus (a dream of 13 years that came true), working with teens and adults.

Before you watch:

Look at these questions. Choose the best answer:

How do people feel when…

1.    They meet someone special in their lives?
a.  Terrific and exhausted;
b.  Hurt and energized;
c.  Marvelous and terrific;
d.  Terrible and hurt.
   Someone special leaves their lives?
a.    Empty and admired;
b.    Crushed and abandoned;
c.    Amused and optimistic;
d.    Amused and admired.

While you watch

Watch the movie segment. Check the correct responses according to the movie segment.

1.    Who was Gru in front of the house with?

a.    He was with the Minions;
b.    He was with a woman;
c.    He was with the kids;
d.    He was alone.

2.    How was the date according to the woman?
a.    It was quiet;
b.    It was crazy;
c.    It was fun;
d.    It was ok.

3.    How was Gru after the kiss?
a.    He was happy;
b.    He was sad;
c.    He was nervous;
d.    He was angry.

After you watch

Look at the sentences. Check T (true) or F (false)

1.    Gru was on a date with a woman in the morning.    T (     )     F (     )
2.    In the following day, he was very disappointed.      T (     )     F (     )
3.    The woman said good bye to Gru.                          T (     )     F (     )

4.    He was terrific after she said good bye.                  T (     )     F (     )