Sep 30, 2017

The Simpsons - The Springfield Files: Simple Past x Past Continuous

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This excellent activity was provided by a reader from Argentina, Anahi Pesce. Thanks for sharing such an effective activity.

The Springfield files

Act. 1: Complete the sentences in the past simple or past continuous.
    It ___________ (HAVE) big eyes. It ________________ (GLOW) with a green light and it ___________________ (WALK) in the forest. (   )
  He ________________________ (RUN) when he _______________ (SEE) the word “die” and ____________________ (SCREAM). (   )
 They ____________________ (HAVE) breakfast when he ________________ (TELL) his family that the creature ____________ (BE) an alien. (   )
 He __________________ (WALK) in the forest when he ______________ (HEAR) a strange sound. (   )
A bus _________________ (COME). It ________________ (BE) the Springfield Orchestra. (   )

e.      Homer _________________ (BE) at Moe’s bar. He __________________ (DRINK) some beer. (   )

f.        He _______________ (TRIP) over. He ______________ (FALL) to the ground. (   )

g.       He ________________ (SEE) a very strange creature.(   )

h.      He _________________ (GET) home. When he _________________ (ENTER) the bedroom, Marge _____________________ (WAIT) for him. It ________________ (BE) 2 am. (   )
    It ____________________ (SAY) “Don’t be afraid”. Homer _______________ (RUN) away. (   )
He ________________ (BE) drunk. He ________________ (DECIDE) to walk home. )   (   )

Act. 2: Watch the video segment. Put the events (a-j) in the correct order (1-10).


Act. 3: Write Homer’s full story. Use the words in the box to connect the sentences.

One evening,...           so…                  because….                 Next,…       Suddenly…            After that,…             In the end,…

Sep 15, 2017

The Other Side of the Door: What If

This is a scary movie and this scene is really intriguing. I hope you like it.

What if is usually used in the beginning of a question, when we ask about the consequences of an action. We use what if here to indicate present or future situations.

For example,

What if there is no fish in the ocean? You won’t be able to fish for the family
What if I go home earlier? You will miss all the important decisions of the meeting.

Watch the movie segment  and say how the main character would probably answer the question. Follow the examples above.

What if I could bring your son back to you just one more time?
What if I could give you the chance to say your final goodbye?

Work in pairs: Think about two possible answers.

Make a guess based on the evidence provided by the segment: What if she opens the door?

1. ________________________ 
2. ________________________ 

What about you? How would you react to the offer?