Aug 8, 2010

The Shawshank Redemption: Simple Past

This is a classic. Perfect for the simple past tense practice.

A. You will see the trial of Mr. Dufresne, accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Read parts of the judge's and Mr. Dufresne's speeches and fill in the blanks with the past tense form of the verbs in parentheses.

J: Judge

D: Mr. Dufresne

J: Describe the confrontation you _______ (have) with your wife.

D: It _______ (be) very bitter. She _______ (say) she ___________ (be) glad I _____ (know) that she ________ (hate) all the sneaking around.

J: And she ______ (say) she ________ (want) a divorce in Reno. What _______ (happen) after you ________ (argue) with your wife?

D: She ____ (pack) her bag.

J: ______ you _______ (follow) her?

D: I _______ (go) to a few bars first. Later, I ______ (drive) to his house to confront them. They ________ (be - neg) home. I __________ (park) in the turnout... and _______ (wait).

J: When they _________ (arrive), you ________ (go) up to the house and _____ (murder) them.

D: I ________ (get) back to the car and ________ (drive) home to sleep it off. Along the way, I __________ (throw) my gun into the Royal River.

J: The police _______ (drag) that river for 3 days and a gun was not found.

B. Watch the segment and check your answers.

C. Talk to a partner.

1. What's your opinion? Is Mr. Dufresne guilty or not guilty of the crime? Justify your answer.

2. What sentence do you think he got?

D. Now watch the second part of the segment with the sentence. Then answer the questions that follow.

1. What was the sentence?

2. Is it a fair sentence? Why (not)?

3. Do you agree with life sentences? Explain it



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