Apr 30, 2018

Indice 50: Past Modals for Regrets

This French animation is unusual and it is a great source for activities.

I. Watch the movie segment. Make a list of 5 things the characters did and that were wrong decisions:

1 ___________________ 
2 ___________________ 
3 ___________________ 
4 ___________________ 
5 ___________________

II. Exchange your list with a partner and write down what the character SHOULD (NOT) HAVE DONE to prevent them from happening.

1 ___________________ 
2 ___________________ 
3 ___________________ 
4 ___________________ 
5 ___________________

Mar 30, 2018

Home: Enough x Too


Too and Enough

Too and enough indicate degree. They are used with adjectives.

Too means more than what is needed. Enough means sufficient.


He is too short to play basketball with the professional team.Ricky is intelligent enough to do the writing assignment without help.You're not driving fast enough I don't have enough money. 

Use of too and enough

1. Adjectives and adverbs precede ENOUGH:

He isn't old enough to watch this film. 

We're not driving quickly enough.

2.Enough may also precede nouns:

We have enough money . 

I have not got enough money to buy this computer.

3.Too comes before adjectives and adverbs:

It's too hot to wear that jacket. 

I was driving too slowly.

I. Watch the movie segment and use TOO and ENOUGH and the words provided in parenthesis, according to the information provided by the segment. 

1. The music the extra-terrestrial likes is ______________________ (NOISY)
2. The cat got ____________________ (EXCITED) while listening to the ET's favorite song.
3. Her car is _______________ (MODERN) if compared with the cars we have nowadays.
4. Apparently, it is ______________ (EASY) to drive one of those cars without difficulties.
5. The song is _________________ (GOOD) for him to remain quiet.
6. He wasn't  __________________ (CAREFUL) and opened the car door by accident.
7. Does he have __________________ (STRENGTH) to survive the accident?
8. Will she have __________________ (TIME) to save him?





Feb 28, 2018

Aftermath: Giving Bad News, Functional Language

This is very good movie, but this scene is very sad. Watch it beforehand and check if it is suitable for the moment and the students. It is an effective task, my students liked it, but they felt really sorry for the main character.

There are different ways to give  bad news. Read the ways you can give bad news.

  • I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you...
  • I'm sorry I've got a bit of bad news to tell you..
  • I really don’t know how to say it, but …
  • I’m sorry to have to say this, but …
  • I really feel bad to have to say this, but … 

Watch the segment and check the way the bad news was given. Finally, talk to a partner, take the roles of the characters and give the bad news and react to it yourselves.

 Group discussion:

 1. How effective was the way he was given the bad news? Is there a better way to give such bad news?

 2. Would you do it differently?  

Role Play - 
Giving and reacting to the bad news:
  • You have to tell your best friend you can’t come to his/her wedding
  • You are the president of a company and you have to announce reduction of costs, so he will have to dismiss employees
  • You have to tell a customer that you cannot fix his computer hard drive and everything will be lost
  • You have to tell your mom and dad that you can't spend Christmas with them
  • You have to tell your friend that you crashed the car he had lent you to go on  a date
  • You are a teacher and you have to tell your student that he failed the course despite of all his effort.

Jan 30, 2018

Moana: Modals for Prohibition and Permission- Can/Can't - Have to - Must (Not)

Watch the movie segment and write sentences about the movie segment, completing the given sentences.

Moana can't _________________.
She mustn't _____________________.
She can ___________________.
She doesn't have to __________________.

What about you?

I can't _____________
I mustn't _______________
I can ________________
I don't have to _____________




Jan 15, 2018

Bokeh: Modals for Speculation

This is a great, intriguing movie that takes place in Iceland, a really beautiful country.  The story makes you reflect upon the meaning of life and relationships. A must see.


A trick in photography where one part of the photo is in focus and the rest isn't, so attention is drawn to the subject. That out-of-focus area is called bokeh.


On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. 

Watch the movie segment speculate about what happened. Then write sentences, using the following pattern:

STRONG POSSIBILITY: MUST HAVE   +  ______________.
POSSIBILITY: COULD/MIGHT  HAVE  +  ______________.

- Everyone was killed because of a nuclear war .

Ex: There couldn't have been a nuclear war. There might have been a nuclear war.

- The population was abducted bt UFOs.

- The characters were drugged and imagined it all.

- The island population fled to another side of the country.

- People are attending a local festival far from the city.

- Everyone is hiding.

- Your own idea.



Dec 15, 2017

Storks: Used to x Simple Present

Watch the movie segment and write sentences saying what the storks job used to be like. Then write sentences saying what their jobs are like nowadays.

What their jobs used to be like? What did storks use to do?

What their jobs are like nowadays. What do storks do?



Nov 30, 2017

The Great Wall & Baraka: Both...

Talk to partner. Can you explain the difference between a Ritual and a Tradition?

Share your guesses with the class.

Read the paragraphs about tradition and ritual.

Tradition is a generic term that encompasses a wide variety of things and concepts that are handed down by one generation to another. A tradition is an act, behavior, or a belief system which has a special significance for the members of the society.

Ritual is an act or a series of acts that are performed or observed in a society. In every society, important functions, events, ceremonies, festivals  are marked by certain acts or a series of acts that are perceived to have a symbolic value. Rituals are observed almost religiously because, in most cases, they have a religious backing and, therefore, considered important for individuals in the society. It is the presence of rituals that make an event formal and traditional.

According to the definitions above, decide which situations are rituals and traditions.

  1. a handshake to greet others
  2. the practice to honor and respect the seniors
  3. exchanging wedding rings on the alter
  4. bride's wearing white on the wedding day
2, 4

1, 3 

Watch the movie segment from the movie The Great Wall and make a list of  acts involved in the rituals of the scene. Can you see any traditions? Have in mind the acts, clothes, feelings, etc.

Watch the segment from the fantastic movie,  Baraka, and compare both rituals. Write sentences with BOTH:


Both means 'this one and that one', 'these two together', 'at the same time' (it always precedes two elements):

Ex: Both my parents are from Brazil. My mother is from Salvador and so is my father.

Ex: Burger King sells both burgers and fries. Burg sells burgers and also fries.

Both can also be used as a pronoun:

Ex: Both of them work near their homes. Those two people work near their homes.

Ex: I saw two shirts in the store and I bought them both. 

I saw two shirts in the store and I bought the two of them.

1 - ________________
2 - ________________ 
3 - ________________ 
4 - ________________ 
5 - ________________

Nov 15, 2017

Allied: Prepositions

I. Watch the movie segment and fill in the blanks with the correct preposition, according to the segment.

1. The soldier fell __________ (in / on / at) the sand of countless dunes. He started walking _________   (in / on / at) the desert.

2. The desert is  ___________ (in/ at / on) Morocco and the passage happened _______ (in/ on / at) 1943.

3. He was wearing a scarf __________ (under / around/ over) his head. He finally found a sandy road and started walking ______ (on / at/ back) it.

4. There were many documents ______ (in/ on / at) his suitcase. There were two machine guns ___________ (in/ on / at) a compartment _________ (under/ behind/ by) his personal belongings.

5. There was a wedding ring ____ (in/ around / at) a small blue box.

Answer key:

1. on - in
2. in - in
3. around - on
4. in - in - under
5 - in

Oct 25, 2017

Hotel Transylvania 2: Simple Present


Watch a traditional monster wedding in the segment. Make a list of a few things that happen during a wedding and that do not happen in a traditional human wedding. Then write a few things that happen in both monsters and humans weddings. Pay close attention to the guests, families, maid of honors, the bride and the groom, the decoration, among other features

It happens in a monster's wedding but not in a human's one.


It happens in both a monster's and in a human's wedding,


Discuss in pairs:

1. What's your opinion about this kind of wedding?
2. Talk about an unusual wedding you have gone to or seen on TV.
3. Talk about the kind of wedding you would like to have (or talk about your own wedding).



Oct 15, 2017

Sing: WH-Questions

This is one of my favorite movies I have seen this year. You can't miss it.

Watch the movie segment:

These are a few of the characters of the movie "Sing". Write questions to the answers below.

1) _________________________________________________ ?
Johnny sings in an alley.
2) __________________________________________________ ?
He sings romantic songs.
3) ___________________________________________________ ?
Rosita sings in the kitchen while she feeds the children.
4) ___________________________________________________ ?
She has many children.
5) ___________________________________________________ ?
Ash plays the guitar.
6) ____________________________________________________ ?
Meena sings very well, but she is very shy.
7) ____________________________________________________ ?
Mike plays the saxophone.

 Talk with a partner.

1) Can you sing well? Can you play a musical instrument?
2) What are your favorite singers and bands?
3) What kind of music do you like?
4) Where do you like to sing?
5) Do you like TV programs, such as The Voice, America's Got Talent, among other singing contests TV programs?


1) Where does Johnny sing?
2) What kind of music does Johnny (like to) sing?
3) Where does Rosita sing?
4) How many children does Rosita have?
5) What musical instrument does Ash play?
6) How does Meena sing?
7) What musical instrument does Mike play?



Sep 30, 2017

The Simpsons - The Springfield Files: Simple Past x Past Continuous

Resultado de imagen para the springfield files

This excellent activity was provided by a reader from Argentina, Anahi Pesce. Thanks for sharing such an effective activity.

The Springfield files

Act. 1: Complete the sentences in the past simple or past continuous.
    It ___________ (HAVE) big eyes. It ________________ (GLOW) with a green light and it ___________________ (WALK) in the forest. (   )
  He ________________________ (RUN) when he _______________ (SEE) the word “die” and ____________________ (SCREAM). (   )
 They ____________________ (HAVE) breakfast when he ________________ (TELL) his family that the creature ____________ (BE) an alien. (   )
 He __________________ (WALK) in the forest when he ______________ (HEAR) a strange sound. (   )
A bus _________________ (COME). It ________________ (BE) the Springfield Orchestra. (   )

e.      Homer _________________ (BE) at Moe’s bar. He __________________ (DRINK) some beer. (   )

f.        He _______________ (TRIP) over. He ______________ (FALL) to the ground. (   )

g.       He ________________ (SEE) a very strange creature.(   )

h.      He _________________ (GET) home. When he _________________ (ENTER) the bedroom, Marge _____________________ (WAIT) for him. It ________________ (BE) 2 am. (   )
    It ____________________ (SAY) “Don’t be afraid”. Homer _______________ (RUN) away. (   )
He ________________ (BE) drunk. He ________________ (DECIDE) to walk home. )   (   )

Act. 2: Watch the video segment. Put the events (a-j) in the correct order (1-10).


Act. 3: Write Homer’s full story. Use the words in the box to connect the sentences.

One evening,...           so…                  because….                 Next,…       Suddenly…            After that,…             In the end,…