Oct 25, 2017

Hotel Transylvania 2: Simple Present


Watch a traditional monster wedding in the segment. Make a list of a few things that happen during a wedding and that do not happen in a traditional human wedding. Then write a few things that happen in both monsters and humans weddings. Pay close attention to the guests, families, maid of honors, the bride and the groom, the decoration, among other features

It happens in a monster's wedding but not in a human's one.


It happens in both a monster's and in a human's wedding,


Discuss in pairs:

1. What's your opinion about this kind of wedding?
2. Talk about an unusual wedding you have gone to or seen on TV.
3. Talk about the kind of wedding you would like to have (or talk about your own wedding).



Oct 15, 2017

Sing: WH-Questions

This is one of my favorite movies I have seen this year. You can't miss it.

Watch the movie segment:

These are a few of the characters of the movie "Sing". Write questions to the answers below.

1) _________________________________________________ ?
Johnny sings in an alley.
2) __________________________________________________ ?
He sings romantic songs.
3) ___________________________________________________ ?
Rosita sings in the kitchen while she feeds the children.
4) ___________________________________________________ ?
She has many children.
5) ___________________________________________________ ?
Ash plays the guitar.
6) ____________________________________________________ ?
Meena sings very well, but she is very shy.
7) ____________________________________________________ ?
Mike plays the saxophone.

 Talk with a partner.

1) Can you sing well? Can you play a musical instrument?
2) What are your favorite singers and bands?
3) What kind of music do you like?
4) Where do you like to sing?
5) Do you like TV programs, such as The Voice, America's Got Talent, among other singing contests TV programs?


1) Where does Johnny sing?
2) What kind of music does Johnny (like to) sing?
3) Where does Rosita sing?
4) How many children does Rosita have?
5) What musical instrument does Ash play?
6) How does Meena sing?
7) What musical instrument does Mike play?