Dec 14, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

My dear friends,

I'm going on vacation now. I really need to rest and recharge the batteries. Salvador and its beaches are waiting for me. I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a perfect 2014. New posts are coming up in January 2014. See you soon!

Dec 7, 2013

Upside Down: Compound Adjectives

This is a love story. The premise of the plot - two twin planets with inverse gravities - is amazing. The setting is awesome and the scenes in which the characters are literally upside down are fascinating.

A. Watch the movie segment and rewrite the phrases below, using compound adjectives.

1. They are adapted to the  basic laws of double gravity that will never change.

2. An object weight can be offset by the other planet because of the concept that its matter is inverse.

3. One day Adam climbed the mountains so high and experienced an event that changed his life.

4. The view from the mountains had a look that was very ominous.

5. Eden was a pretty girl that had blond hair.

6. Eden had a fall that threatened her life.

7. The movie had many scenes whose visuals are attractive.

B. Discuss these questions:

1. What are the complications of a relationship like the one of the characters?

2. What are the advantages?

3. How do you compare those planets to the Earth?

4. What does the Earth and those twin planets have in common? Aside from the gravity laws, how different are they?



Answer key:

1. They are adapted to the never-changing laws of gravity

2. An object weight can be offset because of the inverse-matter concept.

3. Adam experienced a life-changing event.

4. It was an ominous-looking view.

5. She was a blond-haired girl.

6. Eden had a life-threatening fall.

7. The movie has many visually-attractive scenes.