Feb 29, 2016

Jurassic World: Acronyms

ACRONYM: Technically, a word that is formed by combining some parts (usually the first letters) of some other terms. Newsgroups, chat rooms and e-mails have spawned a rich set of acronyms and initialisms for common phrases. Here is a list of common acronyms used nowadays.

ASAP: As Soon As Possible
ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location
AAMOF: As a matter of fact.
ATM: At This Moment.
BBL: Be Back Later.
BC: Be Cool.
BRB: Be Right Back
BTW: By the Way.
B4: Before
CU: See You!
CUL: See you Later.
Cuz: Because
DIY: Do it yourself.
DND: Do not Disturb.
F2F: Face to Face.
FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
FB: Facebook (Most used)
FYI: For your information.
GAL: Get a Life.
GM: Good Morning.
GN: Good Night.
GNASD: Good Night and Sweet Dreams
G2B: Going to Bed.
GR8: Great.
G2G: Got to Go.
HBU: How about you.
HAND: Have a Nice Day. (nice one)
IDC: I don’t care.
IDK: I don’t Know
IC: I See. (As same as it sounds)
IDC: I don’t care.
IMY: I miss u
IS: I’m sorry.
JAM: Just a minute.
JK: Just Kidding
K: Okay
LAM: Leave a message.
LOL: Laugh out Loud
LMK: Let Me Know
L8R: Later.
MP: My pleasure.
Msg: Message.
NP: No problem.
OMG: Oh my God!
Pls: Please
Ppl: People
ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing
Q4U: Question for you.
SD: Sweet Dreams
sup: wassup
TBH: To Be Honest
Tnx: Thanks
TY: Thank You
Txt: Text
TMI: Too much information.
TTLY: Talk to you later
WBU: What about you.
W8AM: Wait a minute.

Watch the movie segment. Observe that many people are texting during the scene.Work in pairs. Write a dialog with acronyms for you to describe what you saw and to express your feelings about what happened. You may use other words, not only acronyms.

Feb 20, 2016

Pay the Ghost - Modals for Speculation

This is a scary movie and this scene is perfect to speculate about what happened to the little boy. Use it with adults only, please,

Review - Modals for Speculation:
Use CAN'T - for something that is practically impossible. 
Ex: It can't have rained. The streets are dry!
MIGHT - for something that is possible, but you are not absolutely sure. 
Ex: He might have slept over. He is not in class today.

MUST - for something that you believe is the most plausible explanation for a situation. 

Ex: She must have moved from that house. It is all dirty, the plants are huge, and it looks abandoned. 

IWork in small groups and think about three possibilities that would explain what happened to the boy: 

* CAN'T ________________________________________________________ 

* MIGHT _______________________________________________________ 

* MUST ________________________________________________________ 

II. Share your sentences with the class. Who came up with the most plausible explanations?