Mar 30, 2016

Tomorrowland: Future with WILL

I read great reviews of this movie, but I thought it was boring. However, there are great scenes that you can use in the classroom. This is one of them.

I. Work in groups. Watch the segment and make a list of all the things that you managed to see that the director believes are going to be common place in the future.

Ex; There will be flying cars.

II. Work with different students. Show each other your lists. Then decide which features you believe will come true in the future, why (not), and if they  will be better or worse for the population.

III. Work with a different partner. Design the ideal world for the future. Imagine that there are no limits to what you can do, Then share your "new world" with the class. Be creative!



Mar 15, 2016

Minions: Used to

Minions is simply wonderful. I loved the movie. The story is great and the characters are awesome. I used this scene to practice "used to".

I. Work in pairs:

1 - How different was Brasilia (or your home town) 30 (or any other number of years) years ago? Do you think life used to be better or worse than today? Justify it.

2 - Would you like to visit New York? What about living there?

3. How do you compare Brasilia (or  your hometown) to New York?

4 - How do you think life will be like in Brasilia (or your hometown) in the future? What about in New York.

5 - Watch the movie segment. How did life use to be in New York in 1968. Pay attention to clothes, music, electronic devices, life style, etc.