Sep 1, 2008

The Village: Modal Verbs (Possibility: Might/ Must)

I loved this movie although many people didn't. I like the way the director wraps up the movie, explaining how legends come up. I used the scene to practice modals for speculation.

Watch the video segment and come up with 2 possible directions for the story. Write 2 sentences using might/must + verb to say what might happen to the characters in the movie.

Part 1: a) He might see a stranger in the village.
b) He might get hurt.

Part 2: a) _____________________________________
b) __________________________________________

Part 3: a) _____________________________________
b) __________________________________________

How to prepare your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which several unexpected events will take place
- Pause the segment on several thrilling spots
- Tell the students to use their imagination to predict what might happen next
- Have them write at least 2 different versions for the continuation of the scene
- Repeat the process a few times
- Check whether the students are good guessers.



van said...

Hi gus, could you tell me how do I dowload this video? I dont know how do I use this site yet...please heeeelp...Thanks a lot. Van

Claudio Azevedo said...

Hi, Van. You can download the videos if you have Realplayer. Download its free version at After you install it, all you'll have to do is scroll your mouse over the video screen and you'll have the option to download it. Let me know if you managed to do it, please. See you.