Sep 1, 2008

The Island: Can (be allowed to), Can’t (not allowed to), have to (obligation), don’t/doesn’t have to (not necessary).

This is a great movie with an interesting idea about cloning. Because this scene shows what the clones are allowed (or not) to do, I sused it to practice modals.

Watch the movie segment and decide what the characters are (not)
allowed to do and what they have/don’t have to do. Fill in the blanks
with can /can’t /have (has) to or don’t (doesn’t) have to.

1) Those people _____________ walk around the building.

2) They _________________ leave the building.

3) They __________________ wear identification bracelets.

4) They _______________ wear bright colored suits.

5) They _______________ work out together.

6) They __________________ swim in the pool.

7) They ___________________ wear swimsuits.

8) Monitors _________________ wear black clothes.

9) They _______________ sunbathe in tanning booths.

10) They __________________ wait in lines to have breakfast in the cafeteria.

11) They ___________________ to write their names before entering the cafeteria.

12) Lincoln Six Echo _______________ eat bacon.

13) Lincoln Six Echo ________________ pay for his food.

14) Jordan Two Delta __________________ stay too close to Lincoln Six Echo.

15) They _________________ have classes at the same time.

16) The students _________________ read books out loud together.

Now write sentences saying what you can (not)/ have to / don’t have to in your English class.

I don’t have to speak all the time.

I can help my friends

I can’t speak Portuguese in class.

How to prepare your own video activity:
Grammar Goal: Can/ Can’t (permission/prohibition), have to (obligation/ don’t/doesn’t have to (not necessary).
• Select a segment in which the characters are supposed to perform several tasks.
• Ask students to observe what the characters have to do.
• Prepare a worksheet for students to fill in the blanks with the correct modal verb.
• Check whether the sentences make sense.




Eloína said...

Claudio, congratulationsand thanks a bunch for your idea and help. It's sinply wonderful and helpful.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Eloína. See you around.

Vera said...

Great activity! could you please upload the video clip again? It doesn't work. Thank you very much

Claudio Azevedo said...

It has been fixed.