Sep 1, 2008

Elizabethtown: "Simple Past"

One of the best romantic comedies ever. The soundtrack is fantastic. I love this scene and girls think it is sooooo romantic... In this scene, the main characters spend the whole night talking to each other over the phone and they perform several activities while doing it. It is perfect for the students to practice of the simple past tense.

Make a list of the things you usually do while you are talking over the cell phone:
1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________

Watch the movie segment. Pay attention to the activities the main characters performed while they were talking to each other over the phone. Write ( D ) if Drew was the one who performed the following tasks and ( C ) if it was Claire. Write ( B ) if both of them did it.

1 .( ) Open the gate

2. ( ) Make dinner

3. ( ) Change clothes

4. ( ) Go to the bathroom

5. ( ) Polish one's nails

6. ( ) Do the laundry

7. ( ) Look at pictures

8. ( ) Listen to music

9. ( ) Dance

10.( ) Drink beer

11.( ) Turn off the lights

12.( ) Drive a car

13.( ) Put on some lipstick

14.( ) See the sunrise

Now write sentences about Claire and Drew, using the simple past tense.

While they were talking on the phone,
1. Claire opened the gate________________________________

2. ________________________________________________

Now write a list of the things they didn't do while they were talking to each other on the phone:

Ex: Drew didn't watch TV.

Claires didn't play tennis.

How to prepare your own video activity:

• Select a segment in which the characters perform several different activities while they are talking over the phone (or any other activity)

• Prepare an exercise in which the students are supposed to identify who perform them

• Ask the students to write down sentences about the characters, using the simple past tense

Watch the movie segment here:




Anonymous said...

TYhanks for sharing!!!!!

Claudio Azevedo said...

It is at the end of the post. See you.

Anonymous said... this movie! and it IS romantic ;) Thanks for sharing, this is perfect for my class!!
-isela (from Costa Rica)

mkb said...

I used it in my class today! The students in my grammar class really enjoyed it.