Sep 1, 2008

Undertaking Betty: There to be

Watch the video segment and fill in the blanks with there is/ there are/ there isn’t/ there aren’t:

1) ___________ two beds in the couple’s bedroom.

2) ___________ a dresser in their bedroom.

3) ___________ two mirrors over the dresser.

4) ___________ a green telephone in the old lady room.

5) ___________ a TV in her room

6) ___________ a home theater in the house.

7) ___________ two floors.

8) ___________ white cabinets on the kitchen wall.

9) ___________ a swimming pool.

10) ___________ only one table in the kitchen.

11) ___________ an intercom system in the house.

12) ___________ flowers on the window.

Now write sentences using there + to be (affirmative or negative) and cues below:

1) A beautiful garden - There isn’t a beautiful garden in the house.
2) Cats - ______________________________________________
3) Garage - ____________________________________________
4) Stairs - _____________________________________________
5) Cars in front of the house - _______________________________
6) Dogs - _____________________________________________

Discussion these questions. Talk to a partner:

1- Would you like to live in a house like the one in the movie segment? Why/Why not?

2 - Describe your house, using the verb there + to be.

3 - Where would your ideal house be?

4 - What would it look like?



How to prepare your own video activity:

Grammar Goal: There + To Be

• Select a segment in which the scene takes place in an environment (a house, a restaurant, an office, an airport) that can be described, using there is or there are

• Prepare an exercise for the students to fill in the blanks with the grammar goal

• The sentences in the exercise must contain true and false statements

• You may show the segment twice if there are many details to observe

• Students compare their answers after the first viewing

• Students do the written exercise

• Students write sentences about the segment, using the grammar goal.


Anonymous said...

I am never going to be tired of working with these excellent activities.Thanks a lot....!!!!! From Uruguay:Sandra

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Sandra. I'm glad you have beem using them. See you!

Unknown said...

Hey Claudio!
I've always liked to teach using movie segments and I am really thankful for having the opportunity to use this blog now. Congratulaions on your great imagination, creativity and thanks for sharing all those wonderful activities!!!

Miosotis form Colombia said...

Hello Claudio, thanks a lot for this amazing activitiy. Lovely,indeed! :-)
But I had problems watching the video: it's not clear :(
I tried to find it in youtube, but I couldn't. Where can I get a clearer version of this segment?
Thanks a lot, again.

Claudio Azevedo said...

I have just uploaded a new version and added a direct link for downloading at the end of the post. Try it now, please. Greetings to Colombia!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this amazing activities.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks. Come back often!