Dec 15, 2016

Victor Frankenstein: Used to

Great movie. Wonderful photography. Just loved it.

Work in small groups.

Discuss the questions:

1. What's your opinion about circuses?

2. Is it okay to let animals perform in a circus? Justify your answers.

3. Do you think that circuses nowadays are better or worse than the way they used to be in the past?

4. Should circuses be forbidden?

5. Watch the movie segment and describe the way that circuses used to be two hundred years ago. How did people use to treat clowns? And the other artists? Write at least 5 different things.

1 _____________________________________________ 
2 _____________________________________________ 
3 _____________________________________________ 
4 _____________________________________________ 
5 _____________________________________________ 

6. What safety measures should be taken to prevent accidents like the one in the segment from happening again?

7. Do you think that many accidents still happen the way they used to in the past?