Jan 30, 2017

Before I Wake: Euphemism


It's important that we be all polite to each other. For this reason, there are many polite ways to talk about impolite topics.

Match the euphemisms with the real message transmitted.

1 - He's light-fingered

2 - She's been doing time

3 - I'm just going to powder my nose

4 - Down and out / A down-and-out

5 - She's in the family way

6 - She had a baby

7 - He made an honest woman of her

(   ) she has been in prison.

(   ) she gave birth to a new child.

(   ) the person is a thief / steals things.

(   ) a polite phrase that some people use to say that they are going to the toilet.

(   ) 'Down and out' is an adjective but 'a down-and-out' is a noun that describes a person who is homeless.

(   )  a man has married a woman.

(   ) means pregnant. Other euphemisms include 'she's expecting a baby' and 'she has a bun in the oven'.

2 - 6 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 7 - 5

Watch the movie segment and decide:

What is the euphemism used?

What is the real message given?


Euphemism: He's in heaven.
Real meaning: he is dead.


Jan 15, 2017

Mr. Baseball: Modals for Advice and Regrets

One of my Methodology students showed me this segment to express regrets. I loved it. I adapted what she had in mind and came up with  this fun activity to express advice and regrets. .

I. Work in small groups.

Imagine you are receiving an American friend for a very informal "feijoada" in a friend's house. Prepare a list of advice you would give her so that she can feel comfortable in the event. Thing about the following things:

*You can adapt the activity with questions about a traditional luncheon or dinner party in your country (Thanksgiving, for example)

- What should she wear?
- What time should she arrive?
- Should she bring anything for the host?
- How much should she eat? 
- What shouldn't she do there?
- What time should she leave?
- Does she have to eat everything that is served?
- What if she doesn't want to eat such an exotic dish? What should she say or do?
- Can she bring someone with her?

II. Watch the movie segment and make a list of the American guest's inappropriate behavior.

III. Report to the class what he SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE, expressing regrets.