Jan 25, 2015

The Nut Job: A Number of x The Number of

A number of should be used with a plural verb. Think of it this way: 
A number of equates to the word they.

A number of fans buy tickets at the game. (They buy tickets.) 
A number of dogs in our neighborhood actually like the mailman. (They like the mailmam.)

On the other hand, when using the number of, use a singular verbThe number of equates to the word it.

The number of snowstorms this year was more than expected. (It was more than expected.)

The number of dogs in our neighborhood has grown over the past several years. (It has grown.)

I.              Watch the movie segment and choose the best answer:

1. The number of cars on the streets WAS / WERE small.

2. A number of money bags WAS / WERE  inside the armored van.

3. A / THE number of nuts the vendor put in her the little girl's mouth was enough to keep her quiet.

4. A / THE  number of pictures were drawn to review the plan.

5. The number of nuts in the nut cart IS / ARE enough to feed everyone.

6. A / THE  number of squirrels have planned to assault the nut cart.

Answer Key:

1. was
2. were
3. the
4. a
5. is
6. a

Jan 15, 2015

The Secret Life of Water Mitty: Wish

This is such a strong character that his name became a dictionary entry. The definition is below and the plot revolves around the character's personality. The movie, though, did not meet my expectations.

Walter Mitty
noun, plural Walter Mittys.

an ordinary, timid person who is given to adventurous and 
self-aggrandizing daydreams or secret plans as away of 
glamorizing a humdrum life. 
In his heroic daydreams, Mitty does not triumph, several fantasies being interrupted before they actually happen.

I. Watch the movie segment about Walter Mitty.  Mitty wishes he could have done a few things in order to win Cheryl's attention over. Write at least three different things.

II. Now rewrite the sentences below and the ones you came up with, expressing wishes.

1. He did not manage to leave a wink to Cheryl. 

2. HE did not jump through Cheryl's apartment window.

3. He did not save her three-legged dog, Chips.

III. Discuss:

Have you ever felt like Walter Mitty? Have you ever thought that you could have done something to prevent a situation from happening, but you failed to do it? Talk about it.

Answer key:

1. He wishes he could have left a wink to Cheryl.

2. He wishes he had jumped through Cheryl's apartment window.

3. He wishes he had saved her three-legged dog, Chips.

Jan 5, 2015

Jack and the Giant Slayer: Modal Verb for Drawing Conclusions - Must

This is a great movie, but the legend became scarier that I had thought it would be. I would avoid showing it to young teens.

I. Discuss  these questions:

1. Are tales important or lies that make children believe the impossible can happen?

2. Why are tales so popular until today?

3. Do you know other tales? Talk about the ones you know.

4. What is your favorite one? Why?

5. Do you think fairy tales can be harmful? Why (not)? 

6. Is Jack and the Beanstalk a popular tale in your country? What do you know about it?


II. Watch the movie segment. What is the most plausible answer for the questions below? Then write sentences drawing conclusions, using MUST.

1. What do you think about Jack and his dad's relationship?

a. It is a bad relationship;
b. They are very distant from each other.
c. They love each other.

They must love each other.

2. What time of the day does the scene take place?

a) bedtime, late at night
b) early evening
c) right before sunrise

__________________________________________ .

3. Jack

a) believes giants exist
b) thinks giants are stupid
c) believes giants are pure imagination

_________________________________________ .

4. The legend of the giants

a) are funny
b) are real
c) are scary

_________________________________________ .

5. Jack's father believes

a) Jack has noble blood in his veins.
b) Jack has ordinary blood in his veins.
c) Jack is prepared to fight against the giants.

_________________________________________ .

6. According to the first scene of the movie:

a) the movie is a comedy
b) the movie is romantic
c) the movie has spectacular visual effects

__________________________________ .

7. How do you think life was like in the times giants ruled the world.

a) it was terrifying
b) people lived peacefully
c) people lived in harmony.

__________________________________ .

 8. Before the king expelled the giants.

a) he waited for the giants to leave his kingdom
b) the population suffered a lot
c) the giants tried to be friends with humans

________________________________________ .

Answer key - POSSIBLE answers

2. It must be late at night.
3. Jack must believe giants exist.
4. The legend of the giants must be scary.
5. Jack's dad believes his son must have ordinary blood in his veins
6. The movie must have spectacular visual effects
7. It must have been terrifying
8. The population must have suffered a lot.