Sep 1, 2008

School of Rock: Reported Speech

School of Rock rocks! This is a great movie and teachers will enjoy it a lot. The teacher has to learn how to deal with these students. He does it in a very unusual way. I used the scene for reported speech.

Discuss the following questions with a partner:

1) What should the ideal school be like?

2) Tell your partner about a class you will never forget.

3) Who is your favorite teacher? Justify your answer with examples.

Watch the following video segment and decide who said each of the following lines:

The Teacher

A Student

1) My dad won’t let me. __________

2) What’s your name? ___________

3) I only play piano. ____________

4) This is a bass guitar. __________

5) Are there any drummers in the house? _____________

6) I play percussion. ____________

7) Is this a school project? _________

8) What’s the prize? ________

9) Can we tell our parents?__________

10) Who can sing? ________

11) I can sing. _________

Now rewrite the sentences, using reported speech:


1) A student said that his dad wouldn’t let him.

2) The teacher asked what his name was.

3) A student said he only played piano.

Prepare your own video activity on Reported Speech:

• Choose an attractive movie segment with several characters

• Decide which verb tenses you want to assess

• Select a few lines from the segment with the target structures

• Students check which characters said them in the segment

• Students come up with indirect speech statements




Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Or should I say "sensacional", Mr Azevedo! Keep it on!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thank you. Keep posted. I'll be releasing new activities regularly. Check it out!

Elena said...

It was great! My teenage students liked it very much!!!! And it was a really good grammar practice as well!!!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks Eelena. This is one of my own favorite!

Marcela said...

Teria como você postar os videos com a qualidade um pouco melhor?
Eu amo tuas atividades, mas fica muito ruim de assistir no projetor da aula! Thanks!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Para este segmento especificamente, não. Os mais antigos eu só tenho neste formato, Desculpe.

Romina said...

Great segment !!Now , I want to see the whole film!!I'll use it with my teenage students, for sure . Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

This is great, as are the all the othr exercises on the site, thank you so much, my students love them and so do I! Brightens up grammar classes

Claudio Azevedo said...

It is motivating to hear that! Thanks!

PozzY said...

Thanks a lot!!! I have used some of your activities and they are great. Very good!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, I am glad they are useful. See you around.

Nórton said...

Great activity, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love your activities! You are great.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for your words. Great to hear that.