May 28, 2011

The Ant Bully: This, That, These, Those - Demonstrative Pronouns

This is a wonderful movie. It's fun, clever and the graphics are amazing. I took advantage of this attractive scene to practice the use of demonstrative pronouns, because the characters use them all the time in a contextualized and visual manner.

I. Before watching the scene, complete the blanks with THIS, THAT, THESE, or THOSE. There is more than one possible answer.

1. __________ is a big nest.

2. What's ________?

It's just a door.

3. All your guests pass under __________ door?

4. Oh, ________ is too bad! Now we have to go home!

5. ________ is called hang-gliding.

6. Oh, sorry, was ________ the word?

7. ________ is Hawaii. We went there last summer.

8. ______ are the pyramids. Well, not the real pyramids...

9. Are __________ your nest mates?

Yeah, ________'s my family.

10. Is __________ what humans do when they are sad?

11. When we ants are sad, we do _________ .

II. Now watch the movie segment and check if your answers are correct, according to the segment.


Answer Key:

1. this, 2. that, 3. this, 4. that, 5. this, 6. that, 7. this, 8. these, 9. these / that, 10. that, 11. this

Labor Pains: Adverb Clauses

This wonderful activity was provided by Patricia Faustino, a teacher at the Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasilia, Brazil.












A. I. Watch the clip of `Labor Pains’ part 1 and fill in the blanks with one of the words or expressions above.

1. Thea’s boss was irritated ______________ she got to work 5 minutes late.

2. _______ Thea arrived late, her workmate made a comment about her alarm clock.

3. Thea brought her boss some coffee, he didn’t drink it ___________ . Greg had already gotten him some.

4. ____________ Thea had checked the Oxford dictionary; she had spelled a name incorrectly.

5. Thea has to wash her boss’s dog _____________ he rolled in poop again.

6. Thea feels she needs to wash her boss’s dog as many times as he asks __________ he excuses her for her mistakes and she keeps her job.

A. II. After watching the clip of `Labor Pains’ part 2, complete the sentences about the clip.

1.Thea only wants to take the dog to the veterinarian on Tuesday because _____________________________________

2. When her boss yells at her, Thea _________________________

3. Jerry, Thea’s boss, stands at the window in the bathroom so that ___________________________

4. Jerry opens the women’s bathroom door violently _________________

5. Thea says she is pregnant ___________________________________

6. Since Thea is pregnant, ___________________________

7. When Thea’s workmates hear that she is pregnant, _______________