Dec 16, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

My dear friends,

I'm finally going on vacation! I really hope to rest with my family for a while, recharging the batteries for 2011! Brand new activities starting on January 8th, 2011. I promise a lot of new grammar activities with attractive movie scenes. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to contact me, for I'll be replying all your comments and clearing your doubts . I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Dec 12, 2010

New Moon: Present Perfect x Present Perfect Continuous

The Twilight saga is attractive to students and provides us with different sources for activities. I like it a lot. It is my teen side speaking out loud! I used this scene to practice the difference between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous forms.


  1. Have you ever suffered because of a broken heart?
  2. How do you react in those moments? Do you prefer to stay home by yourself or go out with friends to have a lot of fun? Explain it?
  3. what is worse? To dump or to be dumped? Why?

I. Watch the movie segment and complete the blanks with either the present perfect or the present perfect continuous form of the given verbs. When both are possible, use the continuous form.

1. Bella _________________ (feel) sad for several months.

2. The weather ______________ (change) significantly in this period of time.

3. Both her boyfriend and her best friend, Alice, _________ (leave) Bella alone.

4. The tree leaves ___________ (fall).

5. It ____________ (snow) several times in December.

6. Bella _____________ (miss) her boyfriend all this time.

7. According to Bella, a huge hole ___________ (punch - passive voice) through her chest.

8. She ___________ (cry) several nights since October.

9. She _____________ (write) emails that Alice ____________ (never - receive)

10. Bella's dad ____________ (be) worried about her.

II. Talk to a partner:

1. What should Bella do in order not to be so sad?

2. Is Bella right to react the way she did or is it better to go out with friends and forget about her boyfriend?

3. What would you do if you were in Bella's shoes?

4. Have you ever felt like Bella? Talk about it, if you wish.



Answer key:

I. 1. has been feeling / 2. has changed / 3. have left / 4. have fallen / 5. has snowed / 6. has been missing / 7. has been punched / 8. has cried / 9 . has been writing - has never received / 10. has been

Dec 5, 2010

Paranormal Activity: Since x For

This movie is terrifying. It does not have any violent bloody scene, but it is extremely tense and gripping. It is about a couple who have been haunted by an entity and decide to buy an amateur camera to shoot the paranormal events that usually take place while they are sleeping. The scene is purposefully dark, because it is supposed to be an amateur footage. Critics hated it, but I enjoyed it a lot. This scene is perfect to practice the use of since and for, because it shows times and dates. The scene does not contain any violence at all, my students loved it, but mind your own audience to see if it is an appropriate segment for your group.

I. Talk to a group of students about the following questions. Then share your opinions with the class.

1. Do you believe in paranormal phenomena? Which ones?

2. Do you know anyone who is a psychic? Do you believe in psychics?

3. Have you ever experienced anything that you considered paranormal?

4. Would you like to see the spirit of someone you used to love very much when he (she) was alive? Why (not)?

5. Are you scared of paranormal phenomena? Explain it.

II. Watch the movie segment now. Match the times and dates shown in the movies with the events that took place during the scene.

1. September 17th, 2006

2. October 6th, 2006, 1:34:00 am

3. 1:34:15 am

4. 3:04:42 am

5. 3:04:51 am

6. 3:05:13 am

( ) The other bedroom lights are turned on.

( ) The other bedroom lights are turned off.

( ) They started filming the events.

( ) The couple were sleeping.

( ) The sheets move by themselves.

( ) They wake up.

Answer key: 4,5,1,2,3,6

III. Now complete the blanks of the exercises below with FOR or SINCE, based on the information in exercise II.

1. They have been filming the events ______ September.

2. They have been experiencing paranormal activities _______ at least 19 nights.

3. They had been sleeping _____ a few hours when the sheets moved.

4. The lights in the other bedroom remained on _________ about 10 seconds.

5. When the lights turned off, the couple kept on sleeping ________ more than 2 hours.

6. They had been sleeping ______ 1:34:00 am without noticing anything strange during the night.

7. With the lights on, she said that she felt that someone had been watching her _________ the moment she woke up.



Answer key: 1. since - 2. for - 3. for - 4. for - 5. for - 6. since - 7. since