Apr 25, 2015

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart: 2nd Conditional

This is a beautiful, magical and dramatic story of a mother who has to make a very difficult decision in life - giving her baby away to be raised by someone wealthier, because she does not have the means to nurture him. It is a French animated movie spoken in English I loved it.

I. Work in pairs:

1. Have you ever had to make a difficult decision in your life? What made you decide what to do? Can you talk about it?

2. Have you ever made a wrong choice? Talk about it?

3. What would you do in the situations below? Explain your choices.
  • You are offered a fantastic professional opportunity, but you would have to be two years and a half away from your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? There will not be any chances to see each other, just by using mobile devices (skype, facebook, etc). What would you do?

  • You  have two children. A four year-old boy and a three-year old girl. A criminal tells you to sacrifice one of your children or both of them die. He won't choose; you have to do it. If you don't choose one of them, both of them die. You cannot sacrifice yourself to save both of them. If you do it, both of them die. What would you do? Who would you choose to survive?

  • You saw your best friend's lover kissing another person. Your best friend loves her partner and is nine-month pregnant. You don't know how involved your friend's lover is with that stranger. Would you tell him/her what you saw?

  • You receive the news that the person you love most will die in two months. This situation can't be changed. He/she has a lot of plans for the future and is very happy with her life, her accomplishments and expectations for the future. However, he/she is not in a hurry and is planning things slowly. What would you do? Warn him and make him enjoy life immediately, risking fostering depression and desperation? Would you let him/her waste his time and opportunities to enjoy the time that is left for him/her without worries?

II. Here are six questions one should ask himself before making a difficult choice. Answer the questions, connecting them with each of the four situations above:

1. If I don’t do this now, will I regret it?
2. What am I afraid of?
3. What does my heart say?
4. Who am I really doing this for?
5. Will I like myself after this decision?
6. Can I cope with the consequences of my decision?

III. Watch the movie segment and answer the questions in exercise II. How would she probably answer those questions?

IV. What would you do if you were in her shoes? How would you answer those questions in exercise II if you were in her position?




Apr 15, 2015

The Leftovers: Past Modals for Speculation

This is the second post based on a TV series. The Leftovers is an intriguing HBO dramatic series and its first scene is perfect for modals for speculation.

I. Watch the movie segment and work in small groups of three students. Number the students (1, 2 and 3).

II. Imagine you are  police officers talking about the happening to a reporter. Describe what happened and present two different possibilities for what happened during the scene. What happened to the baby? What happened to the kid's father? And what about the car accident? Then prepare a speech about your conclusions and imagine you are going to give an interview to explain the community what went on that day. Make sure you include the modal verbs you have been studying.
III. Have the students who have the same numbers sit together and share their theories to their new group.

IV. The students choose the most plausible (or creative) explanation to share with the class.

Apr 5, 2015

The Amazing Spider Man: Indefinite Articles, Vocabulary Practice

This is a fun, creative activity provided by a reader, Pedro Urbano, based on a blockbuster I simply love. Thanks, Pedro, for sharing your great activity with us. I hope you share even more!

I've been teaching English for nine years working with teens, adults, and seniors. Creating songs activities and especially movie worksheets are my features. Today, I'm part of ICBEU teacher team - Manaus (a dream of 13 years that came true), working with teens and adults. 



Before you watch:

What’s in the girl’s bag?  


What’s in the man’s briefcase


Write down three possible  objects. Then, compare with your partner.

While you watch:

Watch the video segment. Check the correct answers.

A. Where’s Peter?
(   ) at school
(   ) at home
(   ) at the gym

B. Who’s Peter talking to?
(   ) Gwen and Dr. Curt
(   ) Ben and May Parker
(   ) Dr. Stacy and Dr. Rattha

C. Who are Ben and May?
(   ) Peter’s parents
(   ) Peter’s uncle and aunt
(   ) Peter’s grandparents

After you watch:
Watch the video segment. Check T (true) or F (false) in the statements.

A. After talking to Ben  and May, Peter goes to the kitchen. (    )
B. Peter wears contact lenses (   )
C. The briefcase belongs to Peter (    )

 Peter finds some objects in the briefcase. Make a list of four objects you observed in the scene. Then, compare with your partner. Don't forget to use a / an / X (no article) before the objects.