Sep 1, 2008

The Incredibles: "Simple Present"

Write the name of the characters that perform the following activities:

Bob (father) Helen (mother) Jack Jack (baby)

Dash (boy) Violet (girl)

1) Kiss Helen ( )

2) Listen to music ( )

3) Play with racing cars ( )

4) Do the laundry ( )

5) Feed Jack Jack ( )

6) Play football ( )

7) Exercise on the train tracks ( )

8) Read fitness magazines. ( )

9) Vacuum the carpet ( )

I. Write down sentences saying what the Parrs do everyday.

Ex: 1 - Bob kisses Helen every morning.
2 - ___________________________
3 - ___________________________

II . Write down 3 things The Parrs don’t do in the morning.

Ex: 1 – Jack Jack doesn’t play soccer.
2 – ___________________________
3 - ___________________________

D. In Pairs, write down what the Parrs do every weekend. Use the actions in exercise A or use other ones from your imagination. Write 10 sentences.
E. choose five students. each one will be either Jack, Helen, Bob, Violet or Dash.
F. read your sentences out loud (Ex: Violet Kisses Jack, Bob exercises in the track, Violet plays tennis…) and the characters perform the activities they hear. They change their activities when the reader assigns the character a new activity.

How to Prepare your own video activity:

• Select a scene in which the characters’ routines are evident

• Identify the characters in the segment

• List some of the activities the characters perform in the segment

• Students write the name of the characters who perform such activities

• Students write complete sentences, using the simple present tense

Watch the movie segment here:




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alejandra said...

My family’s daily routine The Parrs’ daily routine

In the morning my family usually gets up at 5:00 o'clock we took our bath.

After all we are going to perform our activities except my mom who is who stays home doing chores.

In the afternoon we got all of our activities and we all sat down for lunch with family.

At 9:00 o'clock pm we go to sleep tired the next day to have energy.

In the morning the family Parrs’ get up at 6:00 o'clock am taking his breakfast and his mother takes them to school.

Their father takes exercises and then goes to work.

In the afternoon they are in activities like school because the journey there is long.

The night they spend at the table to discuss the issues faced during the day.

1) Kiss Helen (Bob)

2) Listening to music (Purple)

3) Play the racing cars (Bob and Dash)

4) Do the laundry (Helena)

5) Channel Jack Jack (Bob)

6) The game of football (Bob and Dash)

7) The exercise of the tracks (Bob)

8) Read fitness magazines. (Bob)

9) to vacuum the carpet (Helena)

I. Write sentences that tell what to do every day Parr.
1 - Bob Helen kisses every morning.
2 - Bob dedicated to their children time to play
3 - Bob has a very rigorous exercise routine.

II. Write 3 things that do not Parr in the morning.
1 - Jack Jack does not play football.
2 - Violet does not play with Dash.
3 - they do not stay lying down watching tv.
Bob leaves his home in the morning and again in the late Helen awaits.
Bob says he's going bowling with his friend Frozone, while saving the city.
Violet is hidden from the child who likes because ashamed of herself.
Dash makes evil to his teacher in the classroom and is not seen on video.
Helen is in charge of going to school when called by the director.
Jack Jack demonstrates his special powers when he is kidnapped by Syndrome.

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