May 7, 2011

The Men that Stared at Goats: So x Too

This movie is amazingly interesting. Great actors in a a very unusual story, with great, funny moments. I used it to contrast the use of so and too before adjectives in a contextualized manner.

I. Watch the segment and choose the best alternative - SO or TOO

Lyn Cassady - George Clooney (right)

Bob Wilton - Ewan McGregor (left)


1. The traffic signs were SO / TOO similar that the characters couldn't figure out which way to go.

2. Lyn was SO / TOO confident to drive without a map that he did not get one.

3. The car got SO / TOO damaged for them drive it.

4. They were SO / TOO unfortunate to choose the road they did.

5. The weather was SO / TOO hot that it was difficult for them to breathe.

6. Lyn was SO / TOO tired that he did not manage to acrry Bob across the desert.

7. Bob was SO / TOO thirsty to be okay in the desert.

8. Bob was SO / TOO angry that he screamed at Lyn several times.

9. They will probably have difficulties finding the right way because the desert is SO / TOO inhospitable.

10. If Lyn weren't SO / TOO confident to make the decisions they mightn't have had an accident.


Answer Key:

1. so
2. so
3. too
4. too
5. so
6. so
7. too
8. so
9. too
10. so

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