May 16, 2010

Avatar: (The) Other (s), Another

This is an overwhelming movie. The visual effects are spectacular and it has a great plot. I used this scene to have students practice a grammar point many course books neglect addressing, the use of (the) other (s) and another. It is a great scene and the students love it.

An Ikran is a predator who lives in mountainous territory on Pandora. Na'vi warriors, Pandora's humanoids, attempt to bond with an Ikran, a dangerous and required ritual of their people.

A Na'vi riding an Ikran

A. Watch the movie segment and complete the blanks with OTHER, THE OTHER, OTHERS, THE OTHERS, or ANOTHER.

1. Two Na'Vis walked on the edge of a cliff to reach the sanctuary of Ikrans. The first one was Jake Sully. ____________ one was Neyitiri.

2. In the sanctuary, there were many ikrans. Some of them were resting on the mountain. ________ were flying around, and _________ were hatching eggs.

3. Jake Sully tried to lasso the first ikran, but it flew away. Then he chose ________ ikran to lasso.

4. When he finally chose his ikran, _____ ikrans did not interfere with their fight. Some flew away, ________ just observed their fight.

5. While Jake Sully was trying to control his chosen ikran, Neyitiri supported him. __________ warrior did the same thing, but _______ Na'Vis just observed him.

6. Jake Sully finally managed to fly his ikran. Neyitiri flew ________ one.

7. There were four Na'Vis in the scene. Jake Sully, Neyeriti and two _______ warriors. Neyetiri and two of of the Na'Vis were happy about his success, but ________ one wasn't happy at all, because he was jealous of Jake's accomplishment.



Answer key:

1. the other

2. others /(the) others

3. another

4. the other /others

5. another / the other

6 another

7. other / the other

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