Oct 20, 2008

Mamma Mia: Adjective Order

This delicious movie scene is perfect to have students practice order of adjectives. Play the segment once and ask students to complete the blanks with the correct order of adjectives in parentheses. For this blog, I prepared the sentences with the correct adjective order, but of course you should mix them all up in your teaching situation.

Watch the movie segment, pay attention to the objects the main characters wear and use during the musical segment. Then, read the sentences below and fill in the blanks with the correct order of the adjectives in parentheses.

- Meet Tanya (left), Donna (center) and Rosie (right)

1) Donna was wearing a/an ______________________ hat.
(unusual/enormous/ blue/ feathered/ musketeer)
2) Donna hid herself under a ___________________ blanket.
(beautiful/ red and white/ Greek/ linen)
3)Tanya used a/an _______________________ hair dryer as a microphone.
(small/ blue/ electric/ portable)
4) Rosie put on a/an ___________________ bra to cheer Donna up.
(ugly/ tiny/ oldfashioned/ cotton)
5)Donna was wearing ________________ overalls.
(comfortable/ loose/ blue/ denim)
6) The natives were dancing on ________________ streets of the island.
(tranquil/ narrow/ dusty)
7) The dancing ladies crossed a ____________________ bridge.
(narrow/ old/ wood/ harbor)
8) They all jumped into the ______________ seawater.
(peaceful/ warm/ Turkish blue/ Greek)
Follow-up activity:
Provide the students with the lyrics of the song - Dancing Queen - and sing along with them!
How to develop your own segment:
Assessing: Adjective Order

- Choose a scene in which a lot of objects and materials are shown.
- Prepare a series of items with adjectives that describe them.
- Have students watch the segment and fill in the blanks of the exercise with the correct order of the adjectives provide in the blanks.




Glauce said...

Your activities are really great!I teach an advanced course,I have students from high school taking this course and they love to do your activities.I work in an English lab and I produce many activities, but not with films. I use music and clips, I also like to do some reading and listening activities. Congrats!!!!!
Glauce (Fortaleza-Ce)

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for your words, Glauce. I'm glad your students like the activities. I'd love to see your activities with movie and clips. If there is a way to check them out, let me know. See you.

PS- I looove Fortaleza. I presented a workshop in July last year at the National Braz Tesol and loved the city.

Lokita said...

The video is no longer available... :(

Claudio Azevedo said...

Yes, it is. Please, check again.

Unknown said...

Unable to access the segment - says source invalid :(

Claudio Azevedo said...

It has been fixed.