Oct 1, 2008

Marie Antoinette: Adjectives (ING X ED)

This is a scene to work with participial adjectives. The segment is just great, full of visual input. Your students will enjoy it a lot. I loved the film. If you have suggestions, post a comment, please.

Before you watch:
Talk to a partner about the questions below:

1) How different would your life be if you could live in a palace with lots of maids around to help you?

2) Would you like to live in a historical period in which you would have to wear very uncomfortable, fancy clothes and wigs?

3) What's you opinion of pre-arranged marriages? Can they work out? Why (not)?

Watch the segment and pay attention to the people and the palace. Then choose the correct form of the adjectives.


1) Marie Antoinette is a charming/charmed (charm) princess.

2) Her fiancé was embarassing/embarassed by the awkward introduction to his future wife.

3) They rode on carriages through the fascinating/fascinated gardens of the palace.

4) Marie Antoinette was amazing/amazed with the reception provided by the French.

5) The little girls handed her some flowers in a moving/moved attitude.

6) The guests were interesting/interested in observing every move she made.

7) The palace's overwhelming/overwhelmed beauty is magnificent.

8) The chandelier is stunning/stunned.

9) The garden is a relaxing/relaxed view from the palace.

10) She is totally touching/touched by the wealth of the palace.

11) Her wedding is full of monitoring/monitored guests observing every single detail of the ceremony.

12) The straining/strained groom was sweating during the wedding.

How to prepare your own video segment:

- Select a scene in which a lot of objects and situations can be observed

- Prepare descriptive sentences of the scene, adding adjective derived from verbs, for the students to choose the correct form of the adjectives provided.



Unknown said...

I'd really like to use this video with one of my students. Is it available for download?

Claudio Azevedo said...

It has been added. Thanks for warning me.