Aug 19, 2011

1408: Reflexive Pronouns

This thriller is based on a Stephen King's short story. As you can tell, it is scary, but it is not a violent movie. This is an exciting scene that I used for practicing reflexive pronouns with my students, because the snippet shows objects moving by themselves inside a hotel room, which number is 1408. This activity makes the grammar point more meaninful, I guess.

I. Work in pairs:

1. Do you believe in supernatural activities? Explain it.

2. Have you ever seen or known someone who has experienced supernatural activities?

3. Would you stay in a hotel which is famous for having ghosts? What about a history of murders? Why (not)?

4. Would you like to make contact with people who have passed away? Why (not)?

II. Watch the segment and complete the blanks with a reflexive pronoun:


1. The main character, Louis, served _________a drink.

2. The radio started playing a song by ________________.

3. The alarm clock reset ________________ to 60:00.

4. Louis recorded _____________ saying what was going on in the room.

5. The window closed by ______________ and hit Louis's fingers.

6. He started washing ____________ when the faucet started doing unexpected things by ______________.

7. The curtains were moving by _________________.

8. What about you? Would you spend the night in this room by ___________.



Answer key:

1. himself
2. itself
3. itself
4. himself
5. itself
6. himself / itself
7. themselves
8. yourself


Anonymous said...

Great activity! I can't download the video from the blog.. could you send the link to the video in youtube?

Anonymous said...

Great activity! I can't download the video from the blog.. could you send the link to the video in youtube?

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, but the video is not on youtube, just here. Have you tried the link in the end of the post? THere shouldn't be a problem there. All the videos are in my wiki, not on youtube.

Julia Robert said...
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Miryam said...

Hi! I really like your blog in general. It is very nice! I use it with my students very often. Congrats! I think your movie segments are a great choice to practice that particular grammar point. One question, how do you 'cut' those segments of the movies? I have some movies I would like to 'cut' but I do not know how. It would be great if you could enlighten me! Thanks!

Miryam said...

By the way, as anonymous said, there is a problem with the video file. I've been downloading some videos of your blog, but this one does not seem to work. After downloading, what you get is not a .wmv but a .doc with strange symbols on it, like a computer language or so. Could you check whether the file you uploaded is corrupted or sth? Thanks!

Claudio Azevedo said...

I use movie maker. It is simple and easy.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for the warning. It is fixed now. See you.

Anonymous said...

i love this activity.. thanks for sharing.. i will definitely use this in my lesson.. Great activity!

Roy said...

great activity!! very helpful!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Roy. I hope your students enjoy it.