Oct 30, 2010

What Dreams May Come: Determiners - Both, Either, Neither

This movie has a beautiful message. I used many scenes in my class. This one is to practice determiners - BOTH EITHER NEITHER. Sts who like arts and Monet or Van Gogh usually enjoy it a lot.

I. Look at these two impressionist paintings by Claude Monet. Check the alternatives you believe apply to the impressionist movement.

1. ( ) Color is not mixed.

2. ( ) They don't make use of black.

3. ( ) They reflect the outdoors.

4. ( ) They use very bright colors.

5. ( ) They transmit the idea of movement

6. ( ) They show nature and landscapes.

7. ( ) We can't see the details of the picture clearly, but we can see the essence.

II. Now watch this beautiful segment. Decide which items in exercise A also apply to the movie segment.

III. Write sentences comparing the paintings and the segment. Use Both ... and, Neither ... nor, Either ... or. Remember that each student may have a different perspective of art, so the answers may vary a bit.


1. Neither the paintings nor the movie has mixed colors ( or Both the paintings and the segment have mixed colors).



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