Oct 24, 2010

Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms: Possessive Adjectives

This is a great animated movie, especially because it talks about being different and fighting against prejudice. The music is great, especially if you like disco music. The scene is full of visual input, so it is perfect for beginners.

A. Watch the movie segment and complethe the blanks with possessive adjectives
(My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, or Their).

1. The scene is about a worm. _____________ name is Barry.

2. Barry has an album. __________ name is Greatest Disco Hits 77.

3. Barry's mother is at the door. ___________ mother is not happy.

4. She talks to Barry. __________ voice is very loud.

5. Barry can't stop dancing. _________ tail is dancing too.

6. He's wearing a suit and a tie. __________ colors are black and white.

7. The books and records are __________ dad's stuff.

8. He lives with his father and mom. Barry lives in __________ house.

9. Barry's mother has a funny face. _________ eyes are big and ________ hair is brown.

10. - Do you like disco music? What's _________ favorite kind of music?

- ___________ favorite kind of music is samba.

Answer key; 1. his, 2. its, 3. his, 4. her, 5. his, 6. their, 7. his, 8. their, 9. her - her, 10. your - my.




Claudio Azevedo said...

You're right. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Fabiana said...

Claudio, I really love your blog!
Thanks for everything you've done =)
I've used this activities so many times. I am a Barry's big fan lol

Claudio Azevedo said...

Great to hear that!