Aug 22, 2010

Year One: Future with Be Going To

This movie has funny moments, but I don't strongly recommend it. This scene is appropriate to contrast the uses of be going to in order to express the future.

Read the sentences that were taken from or made about the segment from the movie Year One. Decide the reason the structure to be going to is used and write it in the parentheses.

A. To refer to our plans and intentions: We're going to move to London next year. (= the plan is in our minds now.)

B. To make predictions based on present evidence: Look at those clouds - it's going to pour with rain! (= It's clear from what I can see now.)

1. I'm going to change my head. ( )

2. I'm going to eat the forbidden fruit. ( )

3. Eating a fruit is not going to change your entire life. ( )

4. He's going to ask some questions to test if his friend got more intelligent. ( )

5. The snake is going to constrict him. ( )

6. The snake is going to eat him. ( )

7. He's going to die a virgin. ( )

8. I'm going to go eat more fruit. ( )



Answer key:


Unknown said...

Oh, this exercise is so good, but I need do it more often... Claudio, thanks!!

Watch Movies said...

It is cool one. This is really fantastic exercise. I enjoyed it. All credit goes to you man.

Andréa Borges said...

Dear cláudio, I was informed about your blog about a year and a half ago. Since then I've been using it very very often. I just love it. You get very good film scenes and most of them are updated ones. My students like the activities and they enjoy when I use your blog.Your blog is perfect!!!.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Andrea. This is wonderful feedback. See you around!

Graciela said...

Hello Claudio; I'm really enjoying your blog!!! I've been using it for a long time now; and I will go on using it. It's fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing this with us ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can I work this movie segment with students of 13 years old?( I have cut the last minutes of the segment)What do you suggest?

Claudio Azevedo said...

I really think this is for high teens. Not because of the scene itself, but because of the movie's rating. I wouldn't like a student to tell parents that he saw a scene from a movie that is not recommended for that age despite the fact that the scene is suitable. Besides, he might be willing to rent the movie to see it at home, and it is not very appropriate for 13 year-olds. But you should know your audience better than me and decide what is best for them.

Anonymous said...

I haven´t watched this movie and When I listened what the characters said, and when I also read your recommendation "High teens". I googled about it. I found it was rated PG 13+.
So I started to ask me if it was right to use it, even with the cut of the last minutes of the segment.
Finally, you have answered my questions. You´re right. Thanks. =)