Jun 6, 2010

Ice Age: Possessive Adjectives

Ice Age is one of my favorite animated movies. This scene is great and I used it to practice the use of adjective pronouns, not for beginners, but basic learners. I hope you enjoy it!

A. Watch the movie segment about an eskimo family that is attacked by a group of sabre-tooth tigers. Then complete the blanks with adjective pronouns.

My - Your - His - Her - Its - Our - Their

1. The eskimo tribe lived in the woods. The sabre-tooth tigers invaded __________ territory.

2. The eskimos had some dogs. They barked to warn _________ owners about the dangerous tigers.

3. Kinu, the eskimo, used ___________ spear to fight the tiger and protect ________ family.

4. Jana, the eskimo mother, held __________ baby before Diego, the tiger, attacked it. She would never leave _______ child behind.

5. The tiger grabbed ____________ necklace, but it didn't grab ___________ baby.

6. ________________ husband could not help her because of the tigers. Kinu wanted to help _______________ wife and child, but she ran away with _________ baby.

7. The dogs defended ______________ owner from the tigers.

8. The tigers were unhappy with Diego because of __________ incompetence to get the baby.

9. Kinu found _________ wife's necklace. _______________ friends followed him to look for _________ wife and child.

10. Did you like the segment? What's __________ opinion about it?

11. I (liked/didn't like) it. In ___________ opinion, the segment is (great / terrible / fantastic / etc).

Answer Key:

1. their
2. their
3. his / his
4. her / her
5. her / her
6. her / his / their
7. their
8. his (its)
9. his / his / his
10. your
11. my




Anonymous said...

I love the idea of teaching grammar through movie segments. Thanks for giving this brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

The worksheet document is corrupted. It simply does not open on Word 2010.

Claudio Azevedo said...

It is not corrupted. I have just opened it right now. Maybe your 2010 version is not converting the document. Send me your email and I'll forward the file to you.

Layne said...

Dear Claudio... I´m a teacher from Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro and I`d like to know if there is any possible way of my contacting you by email. I´m a coordinator of an English course and I always include your ideas in the lesson plans, but now I´d like to take a further step and put a link of your blog in a Vestibular Booklet I´m preparing. Please, let me know if it´s possible for us to talk. Best wishes, Layne Feijó (laynefeijo@hotmail.com)

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear Layne,
Thanks for your kind words. You may contact me at claudioazv@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Claudio,
I love your blog! I try to use it in my classes as much as I can. You are a genious! I have one request. Can you please put the search button on the top of your blog? Please! That would make it so much easier to use.
Thank you so much for everithing you do and your great ideas.
Much respect,

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear Sanja,
Thanks for your words. There is already a search gadget on the sidebar, but I'm moving it to the top to make it more visible. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!

Malena said...

Claudio you are so amazing,; not only you´re regarded as a genius but how you combine all the pachage to make it clear and exciting for students.Thank u!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Malena, for your kind words.