Apr 25, 2010

Eden Lake: Prepositions and Giving Directions

It is difficult to find segments to practice giving instructions or directions. This snippet, though, is appropriate because the opening scene shows a couple driving to a hotel, so I thought of having this visual input to practice this grammar point. The movie, however, is nothing special. The scene is appropriate for all ages, but the movie itself is scary and for adults only.

I. Watch the segment and choose the correct alternative according to the segment.

1. When they left, they turned left / turned right / went ahead.

2. They went straight ahead / turned left/ turned right on the highway.

3. On a small road, they passed on/ under / in front of a bridge.

4. They drove for a long time on/ in/ through another highway and turned left /right on the exit.

5. At/ Behind/ Near the traffic light, they turned left / right.

6. The Beer, Bed and Breakfast is on their left/right.

7. Another car turned left / right before them and parked in / under / for the space.

8. They couldn't park, so they left and turned left / right .

II. Talk to a partner. Think about 3 different places in your city. Tell him/her how to get from where you are to these places.

III. Describe your neighborhood to your friend. Say where the bakery, grocery store, pet shop, bus stop, restaurant and others are.

EX. The bakery is across from my building.




Lucila said...

Hi! When I try to download the worksheets from Scribd, they want to charge me a fee, is that right? Is there any free worksheet available?



R. Lira said...

You can download the worksheet straight from the link where it says "WORKSHEET". There is no need to pay for anything or go to any other website.