Aug 9, 2009

Gran Torino: Modal Verb - Should (Advice)

A. Before viewing :

You and your partner will make a list of everything you know about China and its culture. Each piece of information scores 1 point. Your teacher will check which pair of students scored most points.

B. Write P (Polite) or I (Impolite) after the statements below. Make a guess! Which of the actions below are considered polite/impolite during a barbecue lunch according to the Hmong* culture,

*Hmong people are from Laos. The reason there are large Hmong communities in the US is because the US provided visas for Hmong people in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Optional: Ask students what they know about southeast Asian culture. (Thanks Nat Olson for the cultural feedback).

1- To eat cat meat (I)

2- To eat dog meat (I)

3 - To drink alcoholic beverages (P)

4 - To look at someone in the eyes (I)

5 - To touch the head of a person (I)

6 - To listen to the elderly (P)

7 - To eat very much (P)

C. Now watch the segment and decide whether your guesses were correct.

D. Imagine your partner is going to a barbecue in a Hmong family house. Rewrite the items above using should (NOT).



How to develop your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which the characters talk about social behavior.

- Write down a few of the recommendations given.

- The students decide whether they are appropriate or inappropriate behaviors.

- Students give advice using - should.


Anonymous said...

I found the worksheet idea very useful. Thanks for the hard work!

lonely said...

Thanks a lot,Claudio.I´ve been using your wonderful videos/exercises and both my stds and I love them.Keep up the good work .Luv. Carmen Berford(IBEU teacher)

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks Carmen,
Which IBEU are you from? Come back ofen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudio
When I open the worsheet it's coming up as the worksheet for Kangaroo Jack for some reason! Great web site BTY.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for warning me. Check it out now. I think it is OK. See you.

Coco Stone said...

Hi Claudio,
I am from México and let me tell you the excellent work you have done. Congratulations!!!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Greetings to Mexico. Thanks for your kind words.

Rorrinho da Soûza do Nacimento said...

Hey, Claudio. Love your site, you rock! Is there any way to get a download link to this video? I can't even open it directly on YouTube.

Thank you again and happy new year!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Sure, but I am out of town on vacation until the 20th. I will do it as soon as I get back.

Unknown said...

Hey Claudio,

Love the site! One thing about your write up here I just noticed: Hmong people (like the ones featured in the movie) are from Laos, not Southern China. They are an entirely separate ethnic group and can't correctly be labeled Chinese. In fact, the reason there are large Hmong communities in the US is because the US provided visas for Hmong people in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

You could ask students what they know about southeast Asian culture instead of southern Chinese so there's an easy fix.

Thanks for all the great work on this site!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Nat, for your precious feedback. I will add this cultural note to the post. Thanks a lot. The information was taken from internet site, probably incorrectly.