Aug 30, 2009

Bedtime Stories: So x Such

This is one of the best scenes of this lovely movie. The translation scene is great and very funny. The acting is hilarious. The students will love it. I selected this scene to practice using so x such in a contextualized manner.

Watch the segment below. Then rewrite the sentences with both so... that... and such..... that....

Make all the necessary changes to make the sentences correct.



1) The night was cold. The girl in the party needed a towel.
Ex: The night was so cold that the girl in the party needed a towel.
It was such a cold night that he girl needed a towel.

2) There was an unexpected accident with a bee. Skeeter screamed very loudly.

3) Kendall's presentation was corny. The audience was speechless.

4) Skeeter's tongue was swollen. He couldn't speak.

5) Skeeter's friend's translation was perfect. He was invited to go to the stage and help with the presentation.

6) Skeeter's presentation was moving. He won the competition.

Answer Key:
2. Such an unexpected accident / the accident was so unexpected.
3. such a corny presentation / the presentation was so corny

4. such a swollen tongue / tongue was so swollen
5. such a perfect translation / the translation was so perfect

6. such a moving presentation / presentation was so moving



How to prepare your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which the characters perform certain activities that you can atribute adjectives (great, awkward, funny, intelligent, weird)

- Write two sentences with information that can be interconnected, including the adjectives above)

- Have students combine both sentences with so + adj and such + adj + noun.

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