Apr 26, 2009

Jumper: 2nd Conditional

The dream of most human beings would probably be to have David's super power to teleport. Going from one place to the other without transportation means would be fantastic. I took advantage of the first scene of "Jumper" to have students practice the 2nd conditional in a contextualized manner. Besides, both the scene and the movie are sensational. Here is the lesson plan:

A. Watch the movie segment. Decide how different life would be if everyone had David’s power to teleport. Write at least 5 different things.






B. Talk to a partner and make a list of what both of you would (not) do if only you had David’s power to teleport. Remember that you have to be ethical and think about the possible consequences of your acts.

What we would do : 

What we wouldn’t do:

C. Work with a partner and write down a condition for the sentences below.

1. We would donate 1 million dollars to charity if...
2. We would teleport ourselves to the Sahara desert if...
3. We wouldn't call the police if...
4. We would hide our super power from the other people if...

How to prepare your own video activity:
- Select a movie scene in which the characters do things our studens would not normally do.
- Preview the scene with hypothetical questions about the segment.
- Have students come up with sentences using the 2nd conditional.




Singapore Dividend Collector said...

Fantastic stuff as usual.

Thanks for this wonderful resource!



Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Mike. Glad you liked it!

Adriana Lauande said...

Hi, Cláudio!
Did you remember me? I´m Adriana Lauande and I was your student at Sagrado Coração de Maria school. Some years later we sudied together at UnB.
It was a nice surprise when I received your blog´s address from a friend.
Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Hi Adriana,
Thanks. Of course I remember you. We had such a great time a UnB!! Great to see you here. See you.

Carmen Torres said...

Congratulations for a wonderful blog! It's amusing to learn English with you.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thank you, Carmen. I hope you will visit the blog often. See you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Claudio!
I enjoy your blog very much! It gives a lot of ideas and ispirarion, what's the most important thing while teaching! So, first of all - thanks a lot! (from me and from my students)
And now one question, which is kinda technical. Is it possible to download these short pieces of films right from your blog? I've got a huge video library, but some of the films are not in English, some of them are not subtitled and so on. Or probably you can give a good link where to download them from. my e-mail is annagul1980@voliacable.com
Thanks in advance, and have a nice day!
Anna from Kiev, Ukraine

Anonymous said...

It's Anna from the previous post. Sorry i gave the wrong email, it's annagul1980@gmail.com

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear Anna,
Thanks for the comment. The only way I know you can download it straight from the blog is with Realplayer. Download its free version at www.realplayer.com. After you install it, all you'll have to do is scroll your mouse over the segment screen and you'll have an option to download it. Tell me if it worked, OK? Thanks.

Maria da Luz Delfino said...

Dear Claudio,

congratulations on the award and on your wonderful blog! I love all the activities! It has definitely added a lot to the TEFL/TESL community!

Maria da Luz

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thank you for your words, Luz. I really miss you. I hope you enjoy your stay there. See you.

Anonymous said...

Claudio, hello!
This is Anna from Kiev. I managed to download with RealPlayer, it worked really well! It's amazing to meet helpful people! Wish you all the luck! it's so amazing to be able to communicate across the globe, isn't it? Looking forward to new posts.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear Anna,
It's so great you have managed it. Good for us. Tomorrow a new post about Twilight. See you.

Unknown said...

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Isabel Sáez said...

First, congrats four your page. It's amazingly good. I read the instructions to download the video with real player and actually,I have downloaded some other videos. But I don't know what wrong with this one which can't be donwloaded. Has it happened to anyone else? I've tried both with explorer and mozilla. Thanks

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for the comment. I don't know what happened with your download. I have just downloaded it to see if it working and it is. I used realplayer.