Jan 10, 2009

The Game Plan: Simple Present

This segment is the beginning of the movie and you can assess the simple present tense in a contextualized manner. The movie is great and very easy for beginners.

Think about a typical morning of yours. Check all the activities that are true for you after you wake up in the morning. After that, ask your partner questions about him/her and check the ones which are true for him/her.

( )You ( ) Your friend ( ) Kingman                         wear slippers

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       turn on the TV

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       have vegetables for breakfast

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                        make fruit juice

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       read the newspaper

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       work out

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       wear a uniform

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                       put on some makeup

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                      wear a helmet

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                      play with the dog

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                     play sports

( ) You ( ) Your Friend ( ) Kingman                      listen to music

Now watch the movie segment and check the ones which are true for Kingman.

Finally, write sentences about Kingman, saying what he does and what he doesn't do in the morning.

Ex: Kingman wears slippers.
Kingman doesn't listen to music.

How to prepare your own video activity:
Select a scene in which the characters’ routines are evident
Choose and prepare a list with a few of the activities the characters perform
Ask the students to check the items whose activities they perform
Students ask a partner questions about the same activities
Students watch the segment and now check what the characters in the movie perform
Students write sentences about the characters in the movie, using the simple present tense




Gillian said...

Great Website!

I love using these as supplements for my lessons at the San Agustin Language Institute in Trujillo, Peru!

Thanks for all your work!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks for the feedback. I hope you have enjoyed the activities. See you around.

Leila said...

Dear Claudio,
I love your activities! It is a wonderful job what you've done!
But... how can I enlarge the size of the video?

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear leila,
Thanks. About the video screen size, I don't think you can enlarge it at blogger. You can download the segment, though, and enlarge it in your own computer. You must have realplayer for that. Let me know if you managed it, OK? See you.

Leila said...

Thanks a lot! It worked with the Realplayer! =)

Claudio Azevedo said...

I'm glad you have managed it. Keep posted!

Giovanna said...

Hello, I made a realplayer dawnload and it's ok,but what to know if this videos have sound, because I turned it up and I couldn't heard.

This blog is perfect,wonderful job Claudio!!My congratulations!!


Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Giovanna.

Yes, all the segmets have sound. Check your settings. See you.

Fernanda Mendonça said...

This webaite is amazing.Since I've found it out, I have aften used in my classes and I can feel how interesting they are for students.I was happier to know it's a Brazilian guy who creates it. COngratulation!

English Grammar said...

What a blog! Very useful activities!