Jan 21, 2012

A Christmas Carol: Passive Voice with Modal Verbs

I could never expect this movie to be so good. It is animated, but it seems to be so real... Besides, it is a classic tale that everyone should learn about. I must admit it is scarier than many children can bear, but it has been approved for all audiences. I enjoyed it immensely.

A. Watch the movie segment that takes place on Christmas Eve. Read the sentences below and decide if you are going to use affirmative or negative modal verbs, according to the information in the segment. Choose the correct modal verb according to the purpose in parentheses.

1. We ___________ (find) lots of poor children playing on the streets on Christmas eve. (modal for ability)

2. The government __________ (provide) children with a good meal for free on Christmas eve.
(present or future possibility)

3. Sometimes the population ___________ (help) homeless people because it's difficult for them to take care of their own family. (present impossibility)

4. Scrooge ___________ (assist) the choir singers because he is a rich man. (advisability)

5. A gambler hit a little boy. Adults __________ (respect) all the children. (necessity)

6. __________ adults _________ (tell) children Santa Claus doesn't exist? (advisability)

7. How __________ the government _________ (assist) poor children? (present possibilty or ability)

B. Now rewrite the sentences in exercise A, using passive voice statements.



Answer key:
1. can find

2. could (might) provide

3. can't help

4. should assist

5. have to (must) respect

6. Should adults tell

7. can the government assist

1. Children can be found ...

2. Children could (might) be provided with ...

3. Homeless people can't be helped by the population ...

4. The choir singers should be assisted ...

5. All the children hast to (must) be respected...

6. Should children be told that ...

7. How can children be assisted by the government?

A peer of mine said that he had used a slides presentation with links to my passive voice activities. I was sent the link and came across this really cool and thorough class on passive voice. I'm glad Simon Friend used my blog for his video activities. His slides are effective, fun and constructive. Thanks Simon Friend for these really cool slides. Thanks for linking my site to it.

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