Jul 18, 2011

Sex and the City: Past Continuous x Simple Past

Activity provided by Carina Fragoso. Visit her handy site teachercarinafragozo.blogspot.com for really great ideas.
ENGLISH IN BRAZIL.Thanks Karina for sharing such an effective activity.

Movie Activity

Before watching the video:

1. Fill in the blanks using words from the Box:

her - affected - examined - their - American - focused

Sex and the City is an _________ cable television series. Set in New York City, the show _______ on four women (Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda), three in ______ mid-thirties and one in _____ forties. The series specifically ________ the lives of big-city professional women in the late 1990s/early 2000s and how changing roles and expectations for women ________ the characters.

Watching the video:

2. Carrie is a writer and her boyfriend Big has bought an apartment for them. She is thinking about selling her apartment to help him pay the new one. Based on the following scene, write T for true and F for false (10min-14min):

a) ( ) Big doesn’t want to get married to Carrie.

b) ( ) Carrie is surprised because he asked her to get married.

c) ( ) Carrie got Botox.

d) ( ) Samantha is disappointed because Carry is getting married.

3. Carrie’s boyfriend didn’t get married with her because he didn’t feel ready. He left her at the church. Based on the following scene, answer the questions (51min-55min):

a) Why did Big stop the car?

b) What was Carrie feeling?

c) Why didn’t Carrie say she felt he was strange?

d) Where were they going on honeymoon?

4. The girls decide to take the honeymoon that Carrie had booked. Based on the following scene, write T for true and F for false (57min-1h):

a) ( ) The receptionist was waiting for the girls.

b) ( ) Carrie thinks everything was a bad dream

c) ( ) Carrie didn’t sleep a lot.

d) ( ) Charlotte was afraid to eat the food because they were in Mexico.

After watching the video:

Based on the scenes we watched in class, write an ending for the story using the Simple Past and the Past Continuous.

Ex: Carrie found another boyfriend and she decided to travel to Brazil. When she was going to the airport, ...





Adapted from Wikipedia.


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Hi Carina,

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Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Carina. This is a really nice activity.

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Cláudio, you're an angel!!

extended learning said...

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Sorry, this activity was not designed by me, but by Ms. Fragoso. I wiil see what I can do, but I am on vacation now. I need a couple of weeks to see what I can do about it.

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I have just added the links for the downloads at the end of the post. Check it out.