Feb 5, 2011

Four Christmases: 3rd Conditional with Mixed Tenses

This is a great and funny romantic comedy. I simply love this hilarious scene. I used it to practice the 3rd conditional with result clauses with present and past consequences - mixed tenses. It was great for the students to realize that the context is the only clue they have to do this exercise. I hope you enjoy it.

I. Read the pair of sentences below. Circle the correct alternative according the information presented in the movie. Then rewrite the sentences using the 3rd conditional with mixed tenses. Make sure you observe whether your result clauses have a present or past consequence.


a. He saw / didn't see some pictures of his fiancee's childhood and adolescence.

b. He is / isn't surprised now.

If he ___________ some pictures of his fiancee's childhood and adolescence, he _____________ surprised now.


a. She ran / didn't run a test for pregnancy.

b. She knows / doesn't know whether she is pregnant now.

If she __________ a test for pregnancy, she ___________ whether she is pregnant now.


a. She was / wasn't careful enough with the test device.

b. Kasi took / didn't take it away from her.


a. Katie had / didn't have a trauma with jump-jumps when she was a kid.

b. She is / isn't terrified by them nowadays.

If Katie ___________ a trauma with jump-jumps when she was a kid, she __________ terrified by them nowadays.


a. The family heard / didn't hear Katie screaming in the jump-jumps.

b. They thought / didn't think Katie was having fun.

If the family ____________ Katie screaming in the jump-jumps, they ______________________ Katie was having fun.


a. Kasi knew / didn't know that Katie had peed on the "marker",

b. Kasi put / didn't put the marker in her mouth.

If Kasi ____________ that Katie had peed on the "marker", she ____________ it in her mouth.



Answer key:

1. saw/is

hadn't seen - wouldn't be

2. ran/knows

hadn't run - wouldn't know

3. wasn't/took

had been - wouldn't have taken

4. had/is

hadn't had - wouldn't be

5. didn't hear/thought

had heard - wouldn't have thought

6. didn' know/put

had known - wouldn't have put

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I really like this activity. Congrats!