Dec 6, 2009

Shallow Hal: 2nd Conditional

This scene is great because it's unique. Jack Black's character sees his beloved extremely fit and gorgeous, but he doesn't know she is actually a very fat girl. Despite the prejudice, he eventually falls in love with her because of her inner beauty. This scene is perfect for the students to practice the 2nd conditional, imagining the characters seeing the true picture of the events. Here's the lesson plan:

Gwenyth Paltrow plays the love interest of Hal (Jack Black) in this comedy about a shallow man who falls in love with a very fat (but inwardly beautiful woman), because he is hypnotized into believing she is outwardly beautiful.

. Hal's imaginary Rosie and Real Rosie.

A. Watch the segment and check the items of what happened in the video but would definitely be different if rosie were actually as thin as Hal’s imaginary Rosie.

1. Hal told her a bad taste joke about the underwear she was buying.

2. Rosie didn’t understand Hal’s jokes.

3. He had to apologize for his jokes.

4. She ordered a huge meal.

5. The waiter wasn’t surprised by the order

6. The chair broke.

7. Two guys made fun of Rosie’s takeout meal.

8. They didn’t envy Hal’s bragging about his girlfriend.

B. Now rewrite the sentences above using the second conditional. You may use WOULD – if you’re sure - MIGHT, COULD – if you are not 100 % sure.

If Rosie _________________ (be) as thin as Hal’s imaginary Rosie,


Teacher’s Key
B. If Rosie were as thin as Hals imaginary Rosie,

1. Hal wouldn’t tell…
2. She would understand…
3. He wouldn’t have to…
4. She wouldn’t (might not) order…
5. The waiter wouldn’t (mightn’t) be ….
6. The chair wouldn’t break
7. The guys wouldn’t (mightn’t) make…
8. They would envy…


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