Aug 17, 2013

The Pacifier: Sequence Words

This activity was provided by Bruno Dias. Thank you, Bruno, for your great contibution. Don't forget to visit his blog, a great resource for English teachers. Here's his short biodata:

My name is Bruno Dias Gonçalves and I´m a 28-year-old English teacher. I´ve been teaching for 9 years basically for adults, but recently I´ve started teaching elementary and high school students. I am also the owner of the blog where I post many video classes teaching grammar rules and contexts, song classes and video classes.  

I´m graduated in English Language and Specialized in Apllied Linguistics on English Language. 

A class by @TeacherBrunoGon

1- Work with your students the vocabulary relating sequence words.

First – Second – Right after/ before – Afterwards – Next – To finish – Then – When

2- Watch the video and complete the paragraphs.

Driving part:

____________ he fastens the seat belt, ______________ he says “go”, and ____________ she starts driving the car around the parking lot. ______________ she stops the car, he tells her to go backwards and ______________ she does it.

Girls in the garden:

_____________ he teaches the girls the basic movements, _______________ one of the girls punches him to practice. __________________ he shows three girls how to fights and _________________ all the girls practices as he watches them.  ______________ he says “go” and all the girls start crawling. ________________ one of the girls kick his arm strongly.

Play Rehearsal:

_____________ the couple dance and the director observes, _____________ he advises that they have to improve their performance. ________________ the cast crawls on the floor. ___________________ he shows in a miniature stage how the actors are supposed to work and ___________________ he observes the final moves of two actors on the stage.

Answers may vary



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