Aug 10, 2013

Jack and Jill: Have You Ever...? - Present Perfect

Adam Sandler has ups and downs. He has an opportunity here to show his acting skills in the roles of twins, performing the scenes of both brother and sister. The movie itself isn't as good as it had promised to be. This scene, though, is great and really funny. My students had a great time. 

I. Watch the segment and  check the actions that you saw in the segment:

1 Eat Mexican food

2 Drink tomato juice 

3 Eat raw jalapeños

4 Play soccer with other girls

5 Dance break music

6 Hurt someone by accident

7 Hit a piñata

8 Swim in a river

II. Take turns asking each other questions about the items in Exercise I.
Follow the example:

S1 - Have you ever eaten Mexican food?

S2 - Yes, I have. 

S1 - When did you eat Mexican food?

S2 - I ate Mexican food last week.


S1 - Have you ever eaten Mexican food?

S2 - No, I haven't.

S2 - Would you like to eat Mexican food?

S2 - Yes, I would OR No, I wouldn't.


Answer key:


1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing,

I did not know this movie, but it seems so funny that I will surely search for it.


Fabiola said...

Very funny way to learn English!I love it!Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful idea for teach our students.

Anonymous said...

Great activity! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Great activity! Fun and engaging! Thanks! :)