Oct 15, 2014

Frozen: Future WILL x Simple Past

Frozen is an amazing animated movie. It is visually breath-taking and the story and music are fascinating. You have to see it.
Coronation Day

Coronation Day is the anniversary of the coronation of a monarch, the day a king or queen is formally crowned.
I. The future Queen's sister has lived a lonely life inside the castle, without contact with the outside world. Her sister's coronation will be the first time in forever that she will be able to do what she had always wanted to do. Fill in the blanks with affirmative or negative forms of the future tense (will or be + going to). Choose the correct verb too.

________________ light, __________________ music. I ________________ dancing through the night. I __________________ alone. __________________ magic, _________________ fun. I _____________ getting what I'm dreaming of because nothing is in my way.

II. Watch the movie segment and check your answers.


III. What were some of the things that she did for the first time in forever? Make a list of at least 5 things.

Ex: She saw the people who lived in the kingdom.

IV. Think about your plans for your next vacation. What are some things that you intend to do for the first time in forever?

V. Now think about your last vacation. What were some of the things that you did for the first time in forever?

Answer key:

There'll be light
There'll be music
I'll be dancing through the night 
I won't be alone
There'll be magic
There will be fun
I'm getting what I'm dreaming of because nothing is in my way




Thienne Flores Pastoriza said...

Hello! First of all, congratulations for the AMAZING blog! I like it a lot, the idea is fantastic. For this post, I'm trying to download these files, but I can't. I always get the message "Esta página não está funcionando / Redirecionamento em excesso por seg6.pbworks.com". However, this is the only page where it occurs. Are the links correct? Thank you for checking! =)

Claudio Azevedo said...

It has been fixed. Thanks for warning me.