Oct 5, 2014

Rio: Possessive Adjectives & Prepositions of Place

This awesome activity was provided by a reader, Marilu Costa, who kindly shared it with us. Thanks, Marilu. 

My name is Marilu Costa, from Itatiba-SP. I've majored in Languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) and I've attended a Graduation Program in English Language. I teach English to elementary and high school students, and Spanigh to elementary I students. I've been teaching English and Spanish for about 15 years. I love my job, and I always try to make my classes enjoyable for my students and myself. This blog is really amazing and helpful. I hope you guys like this activity. kisses, Marilu

Watch the movie segment and answer tasks 1, 2 and 3.

1)      Check the correct option to complete the sentences.

a-      The girl wakes up at___.
(   ) seven fifteen
(   ) six o’clock
(   ) seven oh five

b-      The ___ are good for the bird.
(   ) vitamins
(   ) cereals
(   ) hot chocolate with marshmallow

c-      Blu is a kind of bird called___.
(   ) macaw
(   ) parakeet
(   ) parrot

2)      Read the sentences and check True or False.

a- The girl and Blu are best friends.

b- Blue Macaw Books is the name of the bookstore.

c- Blu is drinking coffee.

d- The man wants to bring the male and female birds together to save their species.

e- The man is looking for some books.

f- Macaw is a kind of bird that is extinct.

3)      Answer the questions (use complete answers).

a-      What’s the girl’s name? ___________________________________________
b-      What’s the man’s name? ___________________________________________
c-      What’s the bird’s name? ___________________________________________
d-     What’s the man’s occupation? _______________________________________

Watch the movie segment again and answer task 4.
4)      Who says what? Write Linda, Tulio or Blu next to the sentences.

a-      (_________) “I’m not really built for this weather.”
b-      (_________) “ Are you looking for some books?”
c-      (_________) “I have come 6,000 miles looking for him.”
d-     (_________) “He’s magnificent.”
e-      (_________) “Linda? Little help here.”
f-       (_________) “ You’re actually communicating.”
g-      (_________) “I did not get that at all.”
h-      (_________) “ Your macaw is a very special bird.”
i-        (_________) “Blu is the last male of his kind.”
j-        (_________) “He needs me.”

Now, watch the movie segment for the last time and answer tasks 5 and 6.
5)      Observe the spot and complete the sentences with NEXT TO, BEHIND, AT, ON or IN.

a-      The birds are dancing ___________ the trees.
b-      Linda’s computer is ___________ the desk.
c-      The books are ___________ the desk.
d-     The telephone is ___________ Linda.
e-      The bookstore is ___________ Village Café.
f-       Linda is ___________ work.
g-      Blu is ___________ the desk.
h-      The female macaw is ___________ Brazil.
i-        The men put Blu ___________ a box.

6)      Now complete with the possessive adjectives (MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, ITS, OUR, THEIR).

a-      Blu is the last male of _____ kind.
b-      Linda is talking to _____ mom on the phone.
c-      Tulio wants to take Blu to Brazil to save _____ species.

d-     “I never left Blu out of _____ sight.”


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Your blog is absolutely brilliant. To this movie segment (below) I've add one more exercise to practise Object pronouns - it might be handy for you! http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.cz/2014/10/rio-possessive-adjectives-prepositions.html

Complete the sentences with right object pronouns (me, you, him, it, us, them)
a) You know these vitamins are good for _________.
b) Just how you like _________.
c) It’s what keeps _________ so toasty and warm in here.
d) Our hope is to bring the two of _________ together to save their species.
e) You will be with _________ every step of the journey.
f) Linda, please, listen to _________.
g) I'll take care of __________.
h) ...just call __________ Tulio.
i) Just think about _________.

Many greetings from the Czech Republic,

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks so much. I will prepare a special post for it. If you wish, send me your picture, Institution link or your website with a short biodata to claudioazv@gmail.com
Great job.

DOMIF said...

Thanks a billion Mario and Marilu!! Very nice job!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Who's Mario?