Jul 13, 2013

Dark Skies: Past Modals for Speculation

Dark Skies is a great thriller, but the ending is a bit disappointing. The movie gave me chills, which I love while watching thrillers. I recommend it. This is an intriguing scene, perfect for modals for speculation.

I. Watch the segment, discuss the questions below, and then check the items that you believe are possible explanations for the  phenomenon in the segment.

1. Describe the phenomenon.

2. What was so peculiar about it?

3. Have you ever heard of anything similar to it? Talk about it.

4. How would you react if you lived in that house?

Which items below are possible explanations for the phenomenon? Write I if you believe it is possible, according to your own opinion. Write C if at least one of the characters believe it is possible. Write B if both characters and yourself believe they are possible explanations.

( ) The birds were contaminated.

( ) It was the start of an outbreak - a sudden beginning of a disease or something else dangerous or unpleasant.

( ) The birds were sick.

( ) It was avian flu.

( ) It happened because of environmental causes, such as hail storms or lightning.

( ) It was caused by fireworks.

II. Rewrite the sentences above, using past modals for speculation.

Ex: The birds might have been contaminated.

III. What MUST have happened, in your opinion? What is the most plausible explanation?Justify your answer.

IV. Rewrite the sentences in II, using past modals for speculation.

Ex: The birds might have been contaminated.

2 _______________________________________________
3 _______________________________________________
4 _______________________________________________
5 _______________________________________________
6 _______________________________________________


Answer Key:

Answers will vary, but all of the items in I are possible explanations, according the movie characters.

2. It might have been the start of an outbreak.
3. The birds might have been sick.
4. It might have been avian flu.
5. It might have happened because of environmental causes.
6. It might have been caused by fireworks.


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