Jul 27, 2013

The Hunger Games: 2nd Conditional

This activity was provided by Philip Rice and it was published on his awesome blog THE ESL COMMANDO. Thanks, Phil, for such a great activity.

Phil Rice is an instructor at the English Language Institute in Delaware, USA. He has taught English for the past 5 years and in the ESL field for the past 3 years. He enjoys using technology, games, and creativity to help teach students English. His blog can be found at www.eslcommando.com

This activity uses listening and the Hunger Games to help students practice the unreal conditional in English. The "If...then" format is used, and students will love to watch the exciting clip of the Hunger Games! This activity gives practice on listening for details, writing sentences,  and then writing a short paragraph. The worksheet  that goes along with the video is downloadable and is below the clip.The formatting looks wrong on the example, but when downloaded into Word, it will look right.Click here  to download, or look below to preview the worksheet.  If you like this, please try out the NEW Man of Steel Classroom Activity!

The Hunger Games ESL Lesson:
Unreal Conditional Activity –

Watch the clip and answer the True/False Questions:

  1. T/F: Katniss (the older girl) cares for her sister.
  2. T/F: Katniss is chosen for the Hunger Games.
  3. T/F: The Hunger Games are wonderful contests.
  4. T/F: Only one person can survive the Hunger Games.
  5. T/F: Katniss thinks the same way as the blond boy.

As you watch the clip, think of 5 feelings that you would feel if you
were in Katniss’ situation. Then write 5 sentences:
Use the form “If…. , then….”

Ex:  If I were in the Hunger Games, then I would be scared.

What if you were in a survival situation like Katniss?  If you had to choose 3 things to help you survive in the wilderness what would they be and why?  Write a short paragraph using the unreal conditional form giving clear descriptions and reasons.

Watch clip again at:
Answer Key:

Essay answers will vary.  Focus on the verb forms that the students use.

Clip is found at:



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