Jun 2, 2012

The Uninvited: Narratives - Simple Present

This film and scene are a bit scary. Make sure your audience is ready for this kind of material. It is great, though, and very easy to understand. The students can easily perform the assigned tasks and practice writing a narrative, using the simple present tense.

I. Work in pairs:

1. Do you dream every night?

2. Do you remember your dreams?

3. Which kind of dream do you remember with more details? Dreams or nightmares?

4. Do nightmares have meanings?

II. Complete the paragraph with the verbs provided below. You may repeat the verbs. This paragraph is a teenager's description of a nightmare she had in the previous night.

BE - WANT - HEAR - GO - RUN - FEEL (neg)

I _____ at a party, but all I _________ to do is get home. And then I _____ my mother's bell. I ________ to find her. She __________ alone. She ________ not supposed to be alone. I ______ up to the house to find my dad. There _____ something wrong. It ______ safe. There ______ something evil in the house.
III. Now watch the segment and check your answers.

(Segment without subtitles)

IV. Now write a short paragraph narrating a nightmare or a dream of yours. Use the simple present tense to describe it.



Answer key: am, want, hear, go, is, is, run, is, doesn't feel, is.


Unknown said...

the video is not complete :(

Claudio Azevedo said...

It has been fixed. Thanks.