Jun 9, 2012

Crazy Heart: Past Modal for Speculation and Regrets

This movie has great music and touching acting. The scene the little boy disappears is perfect for modals for speculation and regrets. I used it for a production, not controlled exercise.

A. Watch the movie segment and write sentences using past modal verbs.

I. Write down 3 sentences saying what might have happened while the boy was lost.

Ex: The boy must have hidden himself somewhere.

1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________

II. Write down 3 sentences saying what the main character should not have done.

Ex: He shouldn't have left the boy unattended.

1. ______________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________

III. Write down 3 sentences saying what he should have done.

Ex: He should have kept an eye on the boy all the time.

1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________


Patricia Ferreira said...

It is perfect!!!!! And we can even download the movie segment!!! Great!!!

Lúcia Carneiro said...

Congrats, Claudio! The activity is perfect! Thank you for sharing! ;)

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Lucia. Great to hear that!