Jan 15, 2017

Mr. Baseball: Modals for Advice and Regrets

One of my Methodology students showed me this segment to express regrets. I loved it. I adapted what she had in mind and came up with  this fun activity to express advice and regrets. .

I. Work in small groups.

Imagine you are receiving an American friend for a very informal "feijoada" in a friend's house. Prepare a list of advice you would give her so that she can feel comfortable in the event. Thing about the following things:

*You can adapt the activity with questions about a traditional luncheon or dinner party in your country (Thanksgiving, for example)

- What should she wear?
- What time should she arrive?
- Should she bring anything for the host?
- How much should she eat? 
- What shouldn't she do there?
- What time should she leave?
- Does she have to eat everything that is served?
- What if she doesn't want to eat such an exotic dish? What should she say or do?
- Can she bring someone with her?

II. Watch the movie segment and make a list of the American guest's inappropriate behavior.

III. Report to the class what he SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE, expressing regrets.



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