May 15, 2016

The Shining, The Miniseries: Quantifiers and Articles with Count x Non-Count Nouns

I. Work in small groups. Describe your house kitchen. Think of appliances, food, decoration, everything you can remember:

II. Make a guess of all the kitchen utensils and food the Overview Hotel has for the housekeepers. It is a very isolated hotel, which is unreachable during the winter time. Use the quantifiers below. You may also leave  the spaces blank as well. YOU MAY REPEAT YOUR ANSWERS


1. There are ________________ smaller freezers, _____________________ stoves, _______________ pantry back there and ________________ vegetable bin.

2. There is _____________ cellar behind the trap door  full of potatoes,  __________ meal slicer, and _____________ food processor. 

3. You got _____________ sinks over there. There are also _____________ dishwashers.


___________________ of hamburger
___________________ of red eye chili.
___________________ legs of lamb
___________________ Bacon
___________________ Pork
___________________ Halibut
___________________ Peas
___________________ Corn

III. Watch the segment and check your answers:

IV. Discussion:

1. Would you like to spend five months locked in that wonderful hotel for a good sum  of money? Why (not)?

2. What are the greatest difficulties they will face?

3. In your opinion, who is the right person to do such a job?

Answer key:

There are three smaller freezers
You got three stoves
There is a pantry back there
A vegetable bin
A cellar behind the trap door full of potatoes
A meal slicer
A food processor
You got sinks over there
There are two dishwashers
120 pounds of hamburger
Sixteen gallons of red eye chili
Three legs of lamb
Bacon, pork, halibut, peas, corn

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