Mar 15, 2015

The Truman Show: Present Perfect x Present Perfect Progressive

This is another awesome activity provided by Nina Hudd, an amazing teacher who also likes sharing. Thanks, Nina, for such enriching activities. I will be using this one next week!

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Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous 

The Truman Show

A. Read and discuss the questions below.

1. Have you ever watched a reality TV show? If yes, which one or ones.

2. What do you think of reality TV? Please explain.

3. Why do you think reality TV is so popular these days?

4. Would you ever go on a reality TV show? Why?

B. Watch the clip and complete the blanks using either present perfect or present perfect 

continuous. If either is possible, make a choice and explain your reasoning.

1. They _________ (get) about 5,000 camera in the town.

2. Truman __________ (live) in a fake world since he was a baby.

3. He wonders whether his whole life ________ (building) towards something.

4. Truman ____________ (want) to be an explorer since he was a child.

5. Recently, strange things ______________ (happen).

6. His best friend __________ (know) him since he was seven years old.

7. The producer of the show believes he _______ (give) Truman the chance to live a normal 


C. The Truman Show is an extreme example of reality TV, especially since he had no awareness or 

choice in the matter. Usually during a reality TV show, the contestants are interviewed as to what 

has been happening and what they have been doing.

In pairs, talk about what you have been doing recently. Do not use specific time phrases such as 

‘yesterday’ or ‘on Tuesday’ for which you must use the simple past. Instead use general time phrases 

such as ‘recently, lately, this week, already, just etc.’

Consider whether you are talking about a result or permanent state (present perfect), or a duration 

or temporary state (present perfect continuous). Remember, non-continuous verbs cannot be used in 

present perfect continuous. You must use the simple present perfect.




Leandro said...

What a great activity!! Thank you so much! Now I'll get my students to understand the difference for sure. =)

Unknown said...

Thank you, glad it could be of help :-)

Armando said...

Thanks Nina! it really helped me doing a review of this subject. best regards from Mexico =D